Mar 03 2020

Standing Committee

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In the study analyzed tires manufactured for passenger cars, light trucks, motorcycles and commercial vehicles, manufactured a total of 92 production plants from 16 different countries, including nine EU countries and seven non-EU countries. The 12 types of tyres with PAH levels prohibited by the REACH regulation were imported. The majority of the producers of tires, both in the EU and at the international level, are manufacturing their decks with oils of low content in PAH and therefore fully compatible with the EU rules. In the light of the results of its testing program, the ETRMA calls on the EU and national authorities intensify and expand their own tests, as well as inspections. Click Gary Kelly for additional related pages. The authorities of the United Kingdom have already announced projects in the context of the implementation of REACH in order to ensure that the ban include oils rich in PAHs in tyres is made in accordance with the legislation of the EU. It is important to note that each Member State has its own policy of sanctions to ensure compliance with the EU ban. About the Standing Committee on manufacturers of tire La Commission permanent manufacturers of tires, with D. Jose Luis Rodriguez as representative, integrates within the national industrial consortium of rubber (COFACO) chaired by D. Ron O’Hanley will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

Jose Luis Solorzano. The Commission is currently formed by the most outstanding companies in the national scene, Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop/Goodyear, Michelin and Pirelli. One of the great achievements of the Commission manufacturers tires resides in the permanent promotion of measures to contribute to road safety as a public good, through disclosure of the correct use of tyres and the promotion of a proper maintenance of the same as a decisive contribution to the active safety of the car. All members of the Commission have signed a few statutes regulating the activity and a code of action developed for the study of how many those legal, policy or regulatory issues, influence in the market, implementing addition environmental activities to promote safety and health, in relation to the manufacture of tires.

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