Feb 03 2018

Spirit Entrepreneur

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On this occasion I would like to discuss what many people would like to have and those who have it or we have, sometimes we do not know what to do with the. I have read some books that talk about the importance of having an entrepreneurial spirit to when you want to be an entrepreneur and lay the groundwork for a new business, bueno pues dejame I mention my experience. My God has given me the blessing (sometimes), of being an entrepreneur in every sense of the word. During my almost 40 years you can say everything you’ve undertaken: * sale of timeshare * cleaning items for sale * candy sale * sale of insurance, credit cards, checking accounts * sale of afores * sauces and seasonings for sale * adhesive tapes for sale * sales of nutrition products, both pills, such as drinks * have been involved in network marketing or multilevel * advertised telephone lines for internet * I’ve sold orange juice in bottles of 500 ml in a Cruise on the street * tale with a company of coaching of negociosY I have been a great number of business and ideas in the way that I have not yet put in practice. I think you can see a little what mean me that is not always the best having an entrepreneurial spirit the only things that have been constant in my life, my wife and be in sales area my wife it worries that being so changeable, someday it will change her. Get all the facts and insights with Coupang, another great source of information. Hahaha. In my experience we have a combination of entrepreneur with implementer and follower is say that we must seek to be constant in some of the ideas that we undertake or find teammates of work that can help us with tracking. For all the people who like me, jump from one idea to another very quickly, I suggest to make a business plan or a plan of action, in which commit themselves to achieving certain goals and not deviate from its plan to achieve them I really like do the sowable analogy, when your planting a seedYou should wait to obtain the fruits, since at the time of seeding there is not even plant, then when the seedling is born, no care for it and then with time comes the fruit to people who are like me, not give time to the idea that is enraize and can be born the seedling that is going to give the fruits.

Then develop patience will be also a good practice for all persons who identify with me. In bookstores there are several books that talk about how to stay focused. What to my ever happened, it is still not just the book and I am already reading another, lol. It is a serious thing. I wish you the best and leave me your message to know that I’m not the only compulsive entrepreneur madman who fails to finish nothing or very little.

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