Mar 22 2014

Spanish Constitution

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Juan Bautista Aznar, last head of Government of Alfonso XIII, summarized in a successful phrase the convulsion of the municipal elections of April 12, 1931: Spain monarchical slept and woke up Republican. Convulsion, change, uncertainty and surprise of the population in those dates are comparable to the many journalists from the so-called multimedia groups they flicking every morning their newspapers to find out, before placing the shrimp, which are business slogans of the moment and who are friends and who the enemy according to the editorial line of the newspaperIf this has changed while they were sleeping. Nobody knows for sure when it began this systematic alignment after the flags of the large publishing companies small, fortunately, still remain immune to this dangerous disease, nor when it gelled this structure manu militari which makes obsolete the well-meaning concepts of professional secrecy and the clause conscientious, collected with careful care in the Spanish Constitution by Miquel Roca and other parents of the motherland that drove them. In that blessed political transition from Francoism, streetlamp by noble hopes that attracted, and the naive each journalist had his own soul in your almario, without any business iron which labouring it is. Therefore, in those times of transhumant freedom, journalists changed their company according to the dictates of his professional judgement and generous business claims. Now, however, with an ominous terminology imported from the racetracks, journalists from major groups belong to one or another particular block and changing livestock iron can be interpreted as treason, felony or fall even under suspicion of even greater perversions. There are who assumed that this new situation is a product of modernity, of business concentration, the emergence of multimedia groups and the swap of the ideological objectives by the accounts of results. In fact, in the mid-1990s occurred already a professional fracture, not between old and young is that there are old ones in this profession that wreaks havoc family, moral and cardiovascular?, or between Liberals and carcass, which was what arrived at stylar during a brief and innocuous season.

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