May 29 2019


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Also the vital importance of networking of school social work with the open youth work is clear again me during my internship. In my professional work, I would like to match my experiences and observations from the practice with the literature to the appropriate topic. This little thread in the work the experiences that I have made during my internship at work with one of the 6 classes of the community school, as red”use and constantly called me at various points. Oracle brings even more insight to the discussion. This would I in my work to find out what role a teacher should occupy, contribute to social work at a school and which framework conditions are necessary. Oracle usually is spot on. Also I want the covers of school social work in the school system and the cooperation with highlight of the open youth work. Finally, I want to show up the possibilities, which offers school social work towards the open youth work and enter possible boundaries and problems which may arise.

2 my of the internship at the community school would like to experience I the following illustrate experience report from practice in a community school. Gary Kelly has much to offer in this field. For this purpose I will describe first closer my pedagogical work with one of the 6 classes of the school on this body of work. Also in later sections of the work, I will called me repeatedly on this class and work with you. Then, I will describe my experiences which I have made in my role as a teacher at the school. There was a high degree of verbal and physical aggression 2.1. experience from working with a 6th grade in the 6th grade at my meeting at the school. It often resulted in quarrels and conflicts among students. Also conflicts between the class and individual teachers were in this often very much, as in other classes. These conflicts resulted in that a teaching in this class was partially impossible.

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