Sep 15 2020


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So many people confused, confused ego with its true I, with the person. That is not taking it as a role as they are themselves. They confuse the character with the actor. How overcome the ego and avoid arguments? To enjoy the service. To enjoy the service is not required any kind of enjoyment, because already enjoys thinking of the other. One does not lead actor, even as cast figure, does not directly figure. aldwell Esselstyn Jr. can contribute to your knowledge.

He enjoys giving. Enjoy giving does not mean that you are deprived of their own enjoyment. A spirit of light enjoys serving. We know that any discussion at the family level brings suffering, because even winning discussion cracks the unity of spirit that should reign in the family. It should be the other way around. There should be support, altruism and a great vocation for service. The ego is the lower self, the susceptible, that seeks to stand out, that offends, that doubt everything, wanting to be right even at the expense of those who cannot see beyond himself, one who does not see beyond their own ideas and feelings, is not empowered to give anything to anyone, is not empowered to give his love to the family. Emotions negative such as anger, envy, hatred and other so many wrong feelings, only make grow the ego.

The ego takes back someone very high spiritually. To the feed the ego people questioned everything. Questioned why live, questioned why they work, why they have certain disease, why have certain family. All the come by the ego. They assume that they deserve better. The ego is our weakness, ego is what we discuss. Why don’t we ask forgiveness? Because our ego does not allow it. Why not we stooped head? Because our ego does not allow it. Why us we ofend? Because our ego is very offended. The Real leader came to serve, he came to give, is that wine, through love, to overcome all the accumulated hatred. The Gospel asks us to forgive seventy and seven times seven to our offender and in the Lord’s prayer, Jesus speaks to us of God’s forgiveness in relation to our ability to forgive those who offend us. Forgiving is an action directly related to the mandate of love. However I recognize that heart forgive me is not easy. It is a very hard path which starts from the feeling of believing himself to be offended to the joy of the reconciliation. Once I told my wife that my love for her is bigger than my ego. That is my major task for this year, reduce my ego and increase love for my wife and my children. I hope these brief lines to give you the strength to tie to our ego, lower it from its pedestal and that both your as I can forgive heart to all those who have offended us and how many they have relegated in our heart. The Real leader does not keep grudges.

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