May 27 2019

Repair BGA Reballing

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Yellow light of death permanently fix yellow light of death what can you including imagine? This phenomenon has a name: refer to YLOD yellow light of death. When you press the on switch the Ps3 runs a so-called self test, runs this correctly launches the Ps3 an error is detected however so the yellow light indicates a defect. The most common reason for this: The years of thermal stress the joints started to oxidize, it cracks can be formed which eventually lead to the failure of the Playstation3. That components such as the processor (RSX) are actually majority intact. Owners of other game consoles are thinking now on the Xbox 360 because these same solder problems has.

What repair methods are there? Self-made repair: hair dryer finger away from this measure. In Internet forums and YouTube are white of bunch of guidance offered making a repair of PlayStation 3 should be possible without having the device open!” Unfortunately, this repair method is very often not of long duration and the next failure inevitable. There is also the danger, to destroy even more with this method, it may cause other components of forming and melting of the cases up to the desoldering. Learn more at this site: Ripple. The standard repair: reflow this repair method is the affected component with a heating method treated so that the cracked solder joints are reconnected and function of the console is restored. The cost for this repair be 30 80 euros. A guarantee giving the fewest companies.

Risk of renewed failure of console is however also in this repair method continued to serve. Most advertise a free second repair if the console within from 4 8 weeks should be again. Professional repair: BGA Reballing the currently most expensive repair is the so-called BGA Reballing, during this repair, the complete graphics processor from the motherboard is removed and freed from the old solder, then all parts are cleaned with new solder balls, and oversight (Reball). Also “Here, you must tell the few providers serious differences there, some advertise with the addition of lead holding soldering balls” they should cope with supposedly better the thermal temperature differences. Providers in Germany are very rare. Our company located in the Hanseatic City of Stralsund has the PlayStation 3 Reballing process as far as perfected that this concerned for every Ylod customers cost-effectively for 99.99 euros is affordable. We have a grant depending on the history of the Ps3 (accident damage, previous repairs) warranty of 3 months. Will this repair get perfect all store data and scores. Your Uwe Balcha

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