Feb 05 2020

Rafael Alejandro Sanchez Rodriguez

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We must encompass the tones, timbres, times to establish the rapport at the verbal level, and at the same time doing so at the level of body language. 3. The Verbal structure of our receiver: Our receiver, according to their personality, whose structure psychic formed by its family, social environment, their country, their culture, etc. The personality of our receiver, has no doubt a form of express themselves, where it uses Deadbolts, and ways to talk, because we must speak with his way of speaking as if it were ours!. It is very important to verify that neurological level is aligned our receiver, identify if this is auditory, visual or abnormalities. This is achieved by understanding visual to refer to something someone tells you: look, notes, look, imagine, etc. While the hearing person will always tell you: listen, listen to me, listen to me, this sounds, etc and everything related to the ear, while the kinesic is always going to be mentioning as: I feel comfortable!, I have a feeling that…

, you must enter in contact!, etc. To identify neurological level is using as a preferred representation, we can speak with best tuning, for example repeating: he or she (kinesthetic): I feel a little heated your does by which you feel overheated? It would be nice if just: does by that these heated?. Another example: He or she have seen a great change lately! You have to change ever seen? You are are some of the ways of copying its structure.Continue 4: Respiration: encompass the breath of our receiver, will help us much to be able to even talk to her same speed, tone and pitch, apart from the hypnotic effect move your respiratory box at the same time that the person in the same way. Undoubtedly, the main technique of the Rapport is empathy, enter in empathy with our receiver is the fundamental part of the rapport. Article created by: Rafael Alejandro Sanchez Rodriguez / Uruguay product of the study and summary of several books on NLP and psychology for HR and advertising seduction. More interesting information on original author and source of the article.

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