Oct 14 2021

National Foundation

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To find out about organisations in your area that will help consumers solve credit problems and to create a budget, contact the National Foundation for credit consumer at (800) 388-2227. Spanish speakers can call (800) 682-9832. Further information about improving a degree of solvency can be found in how to establish, use, and protect your credit, a booklet by Reserve federal Bank of San Francisco. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. describes an additional similar source. How long information remains on your credit report with your query free? Generally, all of your information in the history of credit, good or bad, remains your report for seven years. If you filed for personal bankruptcy, that fact remains your credit report for 10 years.How do you get a copy of your credit report?You are entitled to receive a credit report free every 12 months from each of the companies-Equifax, the Experian and TransUnion consumer credit information nationwide.

This free credit file can be ordered with or contacting a companies directly by phone or email as listed below in gratisPara consultation process your request, you will need to provide specific information, such as your address, telephone number, number of Social Security, and date of birth known, current and past. Also, verify your identity, other information such as a copy of your driver license, utility accounts, or account statement may be required. Keep in mind that the three large offices do not necessarily share information with one to. The content of her report my credit can be different in each Office, so it is a good idea to ask for copies of each. Original author and source of the article

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