Nov 17 2023

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Compared to companies in the recruitment of top researchers SME often has left Bonn/Dusseldorf SMEs advertise often in vain for talent. “If you are looking for professionals for middle and upper management, they have opposite groups frequently looking up, according to the financial times Germany (FTD), citing the study talents for the middle class” of the consulting firm Deloitte. “Also VDI Director Willi Fuchs confirmed: the middle-class has almost always looking up at the courting of the top graduates of the universities.” “This family-owned company according to FTD offer what graduates first and foremost looking for: varied team work, international applications, a good reputation, career opportunities, culture of innovation, a good working atmosphere and usually also an attractive payment.” Traditional recruitment routes seem to be promising little success. The FTD refers to the cities Schwabisch Hall and Crailsheim, as well as the district Schwabisch Hall and the employment agency, in a joint action searched for qualified personnel for a particular company. But the balance sheet of a Kronig newspaper supplement with a total circulation of 250,000 copies, as well as the presence at trade fairs and job fairs in North Rhine-Westphalia, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, and Lower Saxony was very humbling”out. “In addition, there is the problem that HR managers are drowning in a flood of to matching applications, if they have an ad often. with concludis, we give the HR managers a tool, with which recruitment processes can be made more professional, cost-effective and results-oriented”, promises the Cologne staff expert Marc Emde of KCP executives. This is a Web-based recruitment portal with connected online assessment developed for employees as well as specialists and managers across all sectors.

The advantages for the company are unique, so Edmonds: concludis eliminates the complete administrative process, such as the Incoming inspection, archiving, and return of the application documents. All applicant data available in a structured database available. Companies supplement their base interested, even after many years can be accessed back gradually. A candidate today no adequate offer can be made which is perhaps three years later very valuable for a company.” The personnel expert Edmonds takes mainly the middle class in the views. Everywhere, the call for more innovation and efficiency in the human resources departments is to hear.

The topics of information technology and Web-based tools are neglected so far. One clings still too much on the traditional instruments”, says the staff expert. Human resources departments should be urgently economic and refine the Web-based recruitment. In the run-up to the exhibition of drupa NRW now made Oliver Curdt, head of the National Association of print and media (VDM), compared to the Rheinische post point out that it give the little printer. There will never be a world without print products: on the contrary: since the Internet has in the Office and privately changed everyday, more will be printed than ever before. In the printing industry a professionals shortage looming already.” Too few young people know that sitting only a quarter of all nationwide enterprises of the branch in North Rhine-Westphalia. Thus, the State is the most important location in this segment. Also are alone is home to 40 newspaper publishers in North Rhine-Westphalia. Ansgar Lange

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