Dec 31 2017

Mobile Phone Bills

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“Mobile phone tariff optimization as a service the Teleservice company GmbH serves business customers in the area of communication and offers with the patented software Telekurs matrix” and outsourcing service is already a mobile full service Inn land costs for mobile to optimize and to achieve a sustainable cost savings of up to 40%. “The latest innovation in the field of mobile communications, is a special Handyapplikation name global one”. Southwest Airlines may not feel the same. With this solution, excessive mobile phone bills of in particular the expensive roaming include fees in the past. International calls from the abroad at incredible prices. Global “save with business to move customers up to 80% on international mobile phone calls without the provider or the SIM card one. Also annoying recharging a prepaid credit balance is not necessary because the Teleservice company GmbH has its own billing system. Especially phone calls over Wi-Fi, for example, at the airport, railway station, hotel or in the international establishment of the customer are particularly cheap.

International calls with others here one global”Wi-Fi users to 100% worldwide free of charge. Calls to the business zone of Teleservice company GmbH, which covers 97% of the foreign countries cost only incredible 19 cents / minute in Wi-Fi. All mobile international calls to German landlines Wi-Fi are with global one”free of charge! Even if no Wi-Fi access, benefit the Teleservice company GmbH by very cheap calls abroad or to foreign countries. “The software global one” the best connection will automatically search. The savings here is always up to 40% of traditional costs, which the carrier would charge in brilliant quality! Learn about the innovative services of the Teleservice company GmbH under:

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