Jun 11 2013

Miriam Lopez

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This is an ideal time to make a brief stop along the way and make a careful analysis of the results. This is the heart of the business and the analysis that is made in this part can identify those concepts of cost or expense that can raise awareness to see the impact on earnings and cash flow. Also, you can analyze relevant indicators and do benchmarking with competing companies, or the industry in general. A financial projection is the ideal way to see the effect of growth or in your case of the divestment of assets. Strategic or investments growth included in the projection are all those that are consistent with the business strategy. At this stage of the process there is no stop to think whether there will or not resources for their financing. This will be resolved in a stage subsequent analysis. All those investments, called normal investment, which aims in practice are also estimated the maintain current operating conditions in optimal conditions.

Finally, the model has to balance uses and sources of funds. The end result is adjusted according to the goals and objectives of the company. Reports that sheds the financial planning, financial statements (results, flow and financial situation), in addition to indicators, summary tables, graphs and everything that ask for the address of the company. It should be an additional product, the calculation of the value of the company. The retrieved value of the company allows to be compared with the value of the company in the market if it is that this bag is listed either, if it is not the case, that the shareholder has such information that would allow him to make judgments. Perhaps keep in mind a much higher or much lower value and the opportunity to explore the whys of such a situation would be presented to him.

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