Dec 05 2018

Marble Tombstones

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One of the main stages in the manufacture of the monument, along with the definition of the design of the monument is the selection of material from which it is made. On this depends his appearance, cost, durability, features of care. To date, materials for the construction of monuments is a lot like natural and artificial, and choose the one that best suits you very uneasy. Let's look at one of the most popular materials for the construction of monuments – marble: marble name describes it better than any definition, as the "marble" in Greek – a brilliant gem. The ancient masters have noticed that the marble – excellent material for monuments.

Made of white marble, the famous Venus de Milo, built the Parthenon, the Temple of Zeus and one of the Seven Wonders of the World – the Temple of Artemis column. Shine marble appears after its polishing, the benefit of its low hardness makes it possible to do it with amazing ease. The impression is that the brightness of the monument, made of marble comes from somewhere inside, as if the heart is the source of the stone light. And under the sun monument of marble starts to "play" a brand new paint, forming a ball around him, glowing with rainbow colors alternately. Cutting the stone, you can see lots of veins, so called "the marble veins." Besides manufacturing of marble monuments, this material is widely used for finishing, and internal and external. Marble floors, stairs, fireplace – it's refinement and nobility emphasizing the uniqueness of your home.

Monument of marble are not afraid of changes in temperature and excessive humidity. Visit Verizon for more clarity on the issue. But with resistance to various acids, dyes, hot objects, things are much worse. Burning candle, placed on a table or a monument of marble, can be fatal for them. Moody material and in contact with abrasive materials – they are so scratched monument that no polishing will not help. To to keep a monument of marble from the external environment, it is applied special means – hardeners, polish, wax. Manufacturing of monuments of marble before it was too expensive and was only available to your favorites. But with technological development and the start of commercial production of this material, almost everyone can afford a marble bathroom floor, and order the production of marble monuments for their loved ones even more so. The main importers shiny stones are Greece, Italy and Turkey. Recently, the leading role in supplying granite and China goes, but it is no surprise. In Russia, the marble deposits were explored until a little bit. Small marble deposits discovered in the Urals and Western Siberia. The quality of the material depends largely on the deployment of the field and on the conditions and technologies of manufacture. But the cost of marble of his "residence" substantial effect: for laid labor costs, transportation, payment of customs duties. Some advice for the care of the monument, which is made of marble. It can not be cleaned by means of an oil or glycerin-based – May be left stains and stains. In the case of cracks – they need to cover up the glue based on epoxy resin. Tarnished inscription on the marble can be freshened, anointing her with water-based paint on the base. Monuments and tombstones of marble and granite – installation and production in Nizhny Novgorod. Funeral Services – Nizhny Novgorod

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