Jun 05 2019


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In our time, in an age of career growth at any cost, permanent domestic problems, the rapid progress of computer technology, on the street is very rare to observe a person, which is simply the present smiles. For example, wishes good night to force a person can laugh, but he can not just smile, smiling, life! When walking down the street you will stop and look around, you will not find anything other than the sullen people passing men and women. They did not laugh for different reasons, women, for example, believe that they will be laughing a lot of wrinkles, and so constrained by the men, in turn, believe that a serious face gives them presentable. And we forget that living creature in the world to smile and laugh from the heart can only be a man! So why do we not use such a gift given to us by nature? Horrible mood, irritability, anger – this is serious business or domestic problems, which are accumulated for a long time in a person. Doctors and psychologists are the leading foreign medical associations have long argued that a great way to relieve mental and physical fatigue – it is this portion of laughter. Not long ago, researchers confirmed that the charge is healthy, sincere laughter leads to the tone of some internal human organs, and also good for the cardiovascular and immune systems. Gelotologiya, in other words smehoterapiya, is a modern therapeutic methods, which nowadays is used in many countries. In France, America, England gelotologiya – it is a recognized way of contributing to healing process in Russia gelotologiya not so common.

Modern doctors suggest not to lock yourself in, and constantly kept "in good condition 'own sense of humor. Laughed frankly, people getting rid of different kinds of problems, feels calm, peace and is in excellent spirits. You would think that there is no reason to laugh, why would I laugh? You are wrong! When you just want to laugh, then do it, do not expect the planned celebrations and special occasions are looking for, simply look back and laugh about. Regarding the Internet should speak in a separate conversation. In the Web is full of resources devoted to aphorisms, jokes, funny stories, rhymes and sms greetings, just look down there, if you are looking for an excuse to laugh. Jean Paul, a German writer of satire said that "the joy – it's heaven under which blooms all except anger." Fill our world with joy and laughter!

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