May 24 2019

History Of Amber

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Amber, carabe or Meerschaum (from latin succinum) is a precious stone made of vegetable resin from fossilized mainly remains of conifer and some Angiosperms. Verizon Communications wanted to know more. Etymologically its name comes from Arabic do vj > amber, meaning what floats on the sea, since it floats on the water of the sea, although it originally referred to the Ambergris.? Amber is a hard, brittle, lightweight substance. Formed by polymerization of residual plant resin of trees dating from, at least 300 million years ago although it is not common in the history of the Earth makes up about 130 million years ago, in the early Cretaceous. Eventually he suffered a process of fossilization forming extensive and irregular masses within the strata of rocks from the Carboniferous. Origin and distribution trees produce resin as a protection against insect infestations and diseases, when the bark of a tree was injured due to breakage or an attack by wood or other insects, beetles bacteria or fungi. After ooze abroad, hardened resin by polymerization in the interior of clayey or sandy, sometimes limestone rocks that were formed in deltaic areas of rivers, generally with much associated with organic matter, and have been preserved in its interior over millions of years. Amber is not a mineral since its origin is organic and its structure is amorphous. Its composition varies depending on the tree which originated, although all have terpenes or compounds that are common in hardened resins. In Europe, amber is formed from resin of Pinus succinifera, while in America comes from the leguminous Hymenaea courbaril, known in beautiful (Mexico) as Guapinol, and in Nicaragua and Dominican Republic as I algarrobo, belonging from the tertiary geological period. Amber colors are varied: yellow (most common), orange (cognac), red (cherry), white, coffee (caramel), blue and black or MOSS green (dark shades of other colors), that they are less frequent than yellow.

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