May 28 2019

Forum GAWN

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Wrestling and Wrestlingcommunity in Neumarkt i. d. OPF. The GAWN (German amateur wrestling Neumarkt) is a career which existed for nearly three years and offers now also Frauenwrestling. Since mid-2010 the number of new members has steadily upwards, which clearly demonstrated the strong presence and popularity.

The GAWN wrestling Neumarkt offers not only the training, but also handles many areas of wrestling theoretically keep to develop also a certain expertise. The tolerance of minorities is an important point, which is taken seriously by the GAWN why she works together with the Sports Association “Integration through sport”. Adjoining is the GAWN in the biggest Club of the Upper Palatinate, ASV Neumarkt in 1860 “offers as its own Department, which has solid training times and an exercise room with a Hall. In addition, there are well-known sponsors, media interest and almost monthly appearances in front of large audiences in a League of its own. Even among the career and professional Wrestlingcommunity, represented by the Forum and chat, as well as presence in Facebook, Twitter, and many other platforms. The coach has experience in various martial arts such as Tae-kwon-do, wrestling and a coaching license of c in grassroots.

The age of the members is between 15 and 30 years and for men and women. The appearances of GAWN wrestling are a mix of athletics, drama and show elements to entertain the audience. Also, title matches presented and various match types used.

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