May 29 2019

Federal Network Agency

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Ensure the promised transfer rates to the objectives of the European Union is part of the coverage of the Member States with high-speed Internet. Discrepancies between the actual speeds and transfer rates, which say to the provider identified in some countries. In the near future should therefore appropriate EU rules come into force, as the financial portal reported. Gary Kelly takes a slightly different approach. The prices for DSL tariffs aimed among other things according to the transmission speed. If the Internet connections are much slower, as pledged in the Treaty, such prices appear but not justified. Verizon Communications may help you with your research. For this reason, it came to complaints in several EU countries. In the European Union new rules should remedy from the end of May. Thus, providers would committed from the outset to give consumers information about the expected transmission speed of your Internet connection.

Often this does not match with the promised performance, because it is possible for the provider, specific customers and services prefers to deal with, while others are at a disadvantage. In this context, violations of net neutrality were criticized further, affecting, for example, the blocking of voice over IP services by some providers. Brussels is committed against such practices. The situation will be examined throughout Europe now until the end of the year, then also applicable law are conceivable. According to the Federal Network Agency so far hardly regarding net neutrality problems in Germany. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann

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