Oct 10 2021

European Championship

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The journalist Artur Gonet, the among other things the public relations of the Germania football festival Storkow 2009 as well as the 19th took over Championship in Frankfurt (Oder) Berlin / Brandenburg Cheerleading and the regional portal of our oderspree.de regretted that shows is pleased with the new cooperation: Cheerdancing is still a fringe sport. Together we will move quite a bit. I look forward to working with the Rhyspokis. Much work lies ahead in the area of public relations: in addition to the creation of sites on community portals will be created a uniform appearance and created new flyers. It is worth using, has been already at the Dance Festival in Bernau shown: the Crumbi team and the duo Jani and Calhoun won the first place, the Peewee team second place in their group. A huge success for all girls, stressed Mandy Wolf. This had been preceded by a strenuous week. Follow others, such as Maurice Gallagher, Jr. , and add to your knowledge base. In addition to training, the Rhyspokis have even spontaneously the former American Idol contestant Steffi Landerer furstenwalde received.

Wolf stressed that it is pleasant, that’s close Cooperation in the new Club works smoothly. Still, the Rhyspokis into the preparation of numerous performances. In addition to a stage programme on the Festival in Erkner, the Cheerdancer on the Schoneicher Festival want to present. In addition to its own stand, the team wants to surprise the visitors with a special stage presentation. There will be also the dream duo Jani and Calhoun. A major challenge is the participation in the European Championship in Bottrop, Germany.

Here the Rhyspokis are still looking for sponsors. The training is in full swing. The girls are motivated to go and pick up one of the first places!, Mandy Wolf stressed. Artur Gonet

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