May 31 2019

Enjoy Japan

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Pond, reflecting the sky and the plants on its shores, makes a small space interior. Creek, jumping over small boulders, patches of sunlight playing and doing the garden more dinamichnym.Voda in the Japanese garden is present in the form of ponds, streams, waterfalls, or replaced by the "dry creek" in which it simulates fine gravel or sand. Not allowed to use in design of unnatural forms and fountains. a) Pond only create a large Japanese gardens. It should have an irregular shape, meandering, sandy or rocky beaches, bays and islands. The water level in the pond should be kept almost level with the shore, facing with the excluded. Beach is made taking into account the reflectivity of the water on the mirror surface of which are original paintings. A significant portion of the space itself is engaged in the pond and Nymphea lotus.

b) Stream easier to perform and does not require such large areas, like a pond. Its bizarre twists and turns, he is equally with the stones of the scheme sets a garden, identifying the location of all other elements. He can portray tranquil river or turbulent flow with rapids and waterfalls. c) Falls – the most accessible from natural waters. His suit away from home, but so was the sound of water, and in the moonlight glow visible jets. To create Falls are using one large jagged stone from which the water will fall, and two smaller stone (put on the edges of large), which form a channel flow.

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