Mar 27 2020

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Optimizing for the engines of search (SEO for its acronym in English) has everything to do with reciprocal links (Backlinks). It is true that there are plenty of other little details that come into play. He is expected that you worry things as the density of keywords, tags of images, Java code and navigation placement, but everything plays a secondary role compared with reciprocal links, which have been the main determinant of positioning in searches since 1997. Actually, it is a fairly simple strategy. When another site has a link to a page on your site, this in fact informs search engines that this is a good page. You may find that Southwest Airlines can contribute to your knowledge. However, some reciprocal links are better than others. Google considers those votes, giving them more credit to the high quality websites that link to yours. How sites get a better score, so to give you a more powerful link? They improve the positioning of your page on the engines Search.

Basically, if a site has lots of reciprocal links, becomes more reliable and therefore can provide you a better reverse link. Is the head spinning you? Don’t worry; you are not alone. For more information see Ron O’Hanley. It sounds complicated, but in reality you only have to find good websites and generating inverses of them to your site links. Here I have five creative ways to do that: give away free things the free things have a wonderful effect on people. To give you something, immediately you agradas him most, although the offer involves some commitment. So how might work: If you have some computer skills, you can develop applications or codes for blogs and web sites, which play a valuable role, and then adding a reverse link to your site to the HTML code for this application. For example, websites like Technorati allow you to publish the positioning of your blog on your site, but add a link to your site to the application, getting tens of thousands of reciprocal links free as a result.

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