Jul 22 2021


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The effect of such stunning, figure significantly transformed, but do not forget that not everyone can withstand such a tight corset. Move to a more tight contraction only with time and experience to wear corsets. Find your comfort level in some clothes under the cast (such as a T-shirt). This will prevent contact with possible corset sweat secretions. For fabric corsets recommend periodic use of special facilities to care for fabrics. Stains with a corset you can either by using special cleaning agents, or to entrust it to dry-cleaning business. Corsets are subject to hand dry cleaners.

Attention. Never attempt to remove the corset, not relax lacing behind. In Otherwise, you risk breaking the microtiter wells (fastener, coupling loop and hook front corset) and deform the skeleton corset (plate). Continue to learn more with: Smart Eye Surgery. For those wishing to lose weight. For those wishing to lose weight, diet (nutrition, rather than lack thereof) is the main weapon. Add a corset for weight loss programs and you will quickly achieve your goal. While the corset will allow you to limit the amount of food consumed, it does not mean that you can have all the anything. In addition, the corset – it's not a way to lose weight, but only a supplement.

The average person is 2-3, relatively large portions a day. It would be impossible to properly pull the corset. You will be much easier consume a daily diet of 4-5 squat, with smaller portions. And as you probably already read somewhere / heard more frequent but smaller meals speeds up metabolism (metabolism) and therefore contribute to the combustion of excess calories. During the meal, do not drink cold water. Cold water causes a loss of sensitivity of nerve endings in the stomach, in connection with which such nerves can not send information about the occurrence of satiety to the brain. Drink plenty of water 1.5-2 liters per day. It is water, not coffee, tea, juice in packets, etc. Limit your intake of foods that swell in the stomach: potatoes, pasta and rice. Meat – it's hard-digested product. Often, after consumption Meat people feel about the collapse. This is due to the fact that the body has spent the energy to digest meat. Therefore, replace the meat of game, fish, salads, vegetables and fruits.

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