Mar 02 2020


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They exchanged and implemented ideas to reduce costs, and in 1996, had attained a cumulative of $ 650 million savings, so the team has not ceased generating ideas to accomplish this task. More in our daily work, and individual plans, however, do not appear any activity or action to achieve this strategic objective of the country, despite there is a savings plan for each centre, and being part of the tasks of the Committee on energy. The biggest problem lies in creating a single recipe, to meet a myriad of difficulties, which occur daily. The workplan itself not only ensures compliance, if the necessary scaffolding, are not insured both organizational, material, and financial, for the fulfillment of the same, even of the energy necessary for their accomplishments. We must bear in mind that storms of ideas by if alone, nor resolve the difficulties and that systemic transfer of exemplary practices, is that they only acquire a usable, transferable knowledge to be acquired. The work plan because it requires practice, his preparation and performance, and who only uses it as instrument of organizational work, and effective method of carrying out daily activities, can be an exporter of knowledge. This practice collects information (data), examples of actions and activities that depart from real people, and experience real within the company or delegation. Gary cohn follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

The term is used of practice, superior, exemplary, because its validity is demonstrated, it is not more than made and enforcing a wealth of activities, for the achievement of a goal, and that those people that they have obtained an outstanding result, can transfer the knowledge to others, to adopt them to their specific working conditions. To apply new concepts on the work plan it is necessary to consider the following: Chevron poses that these aspects should be taken into account: good idea. (not yet demonstrated, not confirmed, but having a great intuitive power, permit an analysis, a study, to achieve a result.

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