Feb 15 2020

Bluetooth Phone

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Thanks to a special Function rooms can be copied from the phone to the SIM card and vice versa, as well as to pass through the module Bluetooth. It's simple is with SMS messages, as all the conventional cellular phones, but there is one thing, which is Pinus in this regard, it is very small buttons (due to the fact that the unit itself is very small), so make a set of SMS text messaging is extremely inconvenient. As you may have guessed from the MMS is also the case, but it is not in the unit)). Items Utilities is a set of common functional – it's definitely an alarm clock, voice recorder, organizer, calculator, currency converter world clock, timer, player and a camera. All of this works faultless, but calculator different than most – it includes the calculation of trigonometric equations. By the same author: Brad Garlinghouse. At the third level is the same high-speed access to your notes, calendar, and player, and a fourth is needed in order to watch the event, choose the profile and activate the plane. In general, about the menu, you can say what settings do not allow the owner to disperse, but nevertheless, it is possible to set the clock phone kK wish.

Item multimedia is a very simple file organizer. The camera, which is built into the unit, you can take only a VGA extension. Qualitatively, it can only make a self-portrait. In this case LG GD910 has no shooting settings. On about the player, it is somewhat lechshe. Not only is it equipped to play MP3 music – he also he is able to display the playlists, as well as a free mix of music. It is worth saying a couple of good and bad sides unit, after which you want to immediately watch phone to buy from good to mention the idea, its novelty, good design, assembly and bezukorizvennuyu enormous amount of internal memory, and of the bad – is that the front panel fast dirty, and that the cost is quite high and not all those who wish, not all would be able to purchase it. But certainly in the near future corporation LG will continue to work the line like aggregates, and bad moments in the following models will be no more.

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