Oct 07 2021

Biological Processes

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The tecidual loss can reach derme complete or, or incompletely same to reach the agency all, arriving at the fabric cellular subcutaneous. If you have read about Brian Barish already – you may have come to the same conclusion. It is from there that it comes the definition of the type of wound. Wound of partial thickness (derme incomplete): she occurs many dermatological procedures after as the dermoabraso, resurfacing for chemical laser or peelings; she can also be caused by traumas. The repairing becomes for the reepitelizao of the epithelial annexes or epitlio derivative of the adjacent skin not attack. As final result has a practically imperceptible scar. Already the wounds of total thickness (derme complete or extended to the fabric cellular subcutaneous) need the formation of new a fabric, the granulation fabric; the epitelizao, base of the cicatrizao in the wounds of partial thickness, happens only in the edges of the wound.

In this in case that, the scar is total perceivable e, many times, sharp. The cicatrizao also depends on some factors, places and generalities, as: anatomical localization, type of the skin, race, used surgical technique. The cicatrizao in one same species varies if the wound occurs in the embryo, the just-been born one or the adult individual (FAZIO, 2000). Classification of Different the Biological Processes of the Cicatrizao didactic classifications are used to facilitate the agreement of a total dynamic process and with so interdependent phases as the cicatrizao. Authors exist who consider three periods of training in the cicatrizao process: initially an inflammatory period of training, followed for one of proliferation and finishing with the repair in a period of training of remodelling. Other authors classify of a more complete form dividing the process in five main phases: 1 – coagulation; 2 – inflammation; 3 – proliferation; 4 – contraction of wound; 5 – remodelling. In one determined period of time the phases coincide and happen simultaneously, thus allowing the success of the cicatrizao (FAZIO, 2000).

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