Apr 01 2019

Baby Sleep: Sleep Aid (co-sleeping)

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Sleep aid: what can I do so that my little baby to sleep? An important sleep aid for a relaxed sleep is the right place to sleep and that is for little babies usually Mama (co-sleeping). This means: where is Mama, the baby can sleep a best. When a baby is the most effective sleep aid as follows: breastfeeding, breastfeeding, breastfeeding. The children feel safe and secure in the immediate vicinity of her mother, relax sipping and doing mostly peacefully and easily fall asleep. Mama needs to pick her baby only from her chest and to put it in a safe Schlafort or lets it just sleep on her breast and resting a bit. There is hardly anything better than his small, sleeping baby on your chest! This time, where it is possible to pass so quickly! And don’t be afraid when the co sleeping really before pampering! It’s not only alright if your baby on your chest falls asleep. It is even highly recommended because you can relax as also your baby while breastfeeding, your baby learns much proximity and security and the usually strong sucking need of the infant is satisfied.

Another sleep aid, which also satisfies the need for suction, is the pacifier (dummy). There are different opinions, when you should give a baby a pacifier or whether you should give one to him at all. The majority agrees: pacifiers (soothers) are absolutely in order and a really great invention. If your baby doesn’t take the Pacifiers (soothers), give him your little finger as a sleep aid – babies also like to lead their own way to the Bank at the mouth and suck it. A further strong need of small babies is that are worn or moved.

Many infants sleep great on the arm from MOM or dad. It is important that move MOM or Dad while wearing, i.e. the flat walking in with rhythmic swing or bouncy movements. As an alternative to wearing on the arm, there is the baby slings or tag systems. You are of course very convenient because the parents while wearing can relieve their arms. You can be put on an exercise ball with your child and bouncers there with him. Many babies sleep so much. Just try it out. There are of course many other ways to soothe your baby moving and to accompany, without directly carry it on your body to sleep. You can rock your baby in the cradle or hammock to sleep or move it around in the stroller. A further preference, which share many babies to sleep: You feel like to limit. They like it when it’s around tight and cuddly around her. You can try out whether your baby asleep more easily if it senses a limitation on his head, E.g. by a pillow, or set a light gauze cloth to fall asleep on baby brains. You must then definitely keep your baby while asleep, making sure that it is not the cloth over nose and mouth draws or otherwise tangled up like in the cloth. And then there are still the swaddling a winding technology, which many parents swear by. There are different methods for swaddling a baby. You can use a puck bag, which restricts the legroom of your baby or wrap your child with a certain wrapping in a cotton blanket, so that arms and legs is limited.

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