May 03 2020


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If you need to organize the presentation of your architectural design to architects, investors or potential buyers, it should turn its attention to this method of submission of the project as an architectural layout. It so happened that the architectural model is the most affordable way to demonstrate the project. Layouts are particularly relevant today, when implemented many construction projects that require involvement the attention of investors and buyers. A related site: gary cohn mentions similar findings. Why mock? Architectural model, made by qualified professionals to visualize your project – a separate building or complex of buildings. In the mock-ups may detail the facades of buildings, add all the essential attributes of real life: trees, flower beds, lamps, benches, cars, people. And the use of different materials would make them look like real objects, Ideally – and feel they will be similar. Due to this, the architectural layout will fully convey the idea of the investor, the designer or construction company. Architectural models should be divided into models of building complexes, models of buildings and landscapes (urban) models.

Layouts separate buildings allow us to show the appearance of future house (looks like roofs, facades, etc.), location of roads, entrances to the house and parking spaces, as well as elements of an accomplishment. Layouts campus show how the building will be located relative to each other, roads, and here we can show elements of improvement, parks, etc. The task of landscape models – to show what the terrain, and how the object will look like on the ground, as it will be located in relation to other objects.

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