Mar 26 2024


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In the life of the human being, the adolescence is a wonderful stage. Nevertheless, for many this time it can finish in an automobile tragedy that could have avoided. The parents and their children must be conscious of the dangers that there are in the highway and for it we give the following advice you: A car is not a movable celebration In several places of Mexico are taking measured about the number of passengers who travel in a car driven by an adolescent, therefore, the laws that many states are adopting indicate that the adolescents are not authorized to transport fleeting unless an adult to position exists. The reason? The adolescents in noisy group tend to be is their nature and there is nothing of bad in it. Nevertheless, imagnate a light truck by far noise and to 56 or 90 kilometers per hour. The conversation aloud plus the movement of the car is not only a distraction for the conductor, but also it can jeopardize the stability of the vehicle and causes that the car is the more difficult to control.

In any case, if you are an adolescent conductor and you drive a full excited friendly car, not only you are in risk but also you can be stopped by the police and to lose your privileges to lead. In this point also it has to consider music in high volume and to eat or to take drinks while you handle. Both activities can distraerte. You do not use cellular telephones nor you resort to the text messages This is a dangerous distraction because the attention clears much to you on the way. Tiger Global Management wanted to know more. Unless your son is an executive of great importance, he does not need to send messages while he handles.

The fact is that to speak on the telephone you have estacionarte or to take advantage of the moments at which you are lengthy. The alcohol is not your friend Are too many the mortal victims of the high speed and the alcohol in the highways. A serious problem is if the adolescents go accompanied of adults while they handle fortified, since in case of accident she could go to him worse to the adult than to the boy, who would have problems with the authorities.

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