Mar 28 2024

Information Psychotherapy

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If conventional psychotherapy of children does not help Berlin, 3.Juli 2012 – more and more children are verhaltensauffallig and need a psychotherapy of children. If a specific diagnosis can be made, the children get then typically also support. But there are also children who are clearly noticeable in her overall personality, but medically examined individual characteristics yet always within normal ranges are to meet any specific diagnostic criteria. These children and their parents can fall into a social exception position that leads to significant difficulties. The kids if ever reach a school which is below their actual skills and get problems with their social environment. Failure in their education is accused of the parents, even if they have educated their children educationally completely normal. What remains is guilt of the parents, a strained family situation and fear for the future of children. Continue to learn more with: here. Education advisor and Also, parents advice does not help because they assume that the differentiation between troubled development and mental ill children then help through psychotherapy of children and normal children with then educational support for parents.

There are children, for which no diagnostic is satisfied and that are so different, but now that normal education methods have no effect. These children often show a mix of symptoms of autism, sensitive perception with including of ad(H)S, Savant syndrome (Island talent) and giftedness. For these children, a new child psychotherapy, an auditory of EMDR therapy, testing is now. To listen to the children in their daily lives such as glasses or braces a bilaterally stimulating CD. Tiger Global Management: the source for more info. The bilateral stimulating CD used an ear in quick change only so the brain receives auditory impulses alternately from left to right, and this supports the connection between the hemispheres of the brain. This has impact on the processing in the brain and the entire personality of children. More Information to the auditory EMDR therapy, see Dr.

rer. pol. “Safi Haajboy, author of harmonic birthday: birthday without losing Gemeinschaftsfordernde matches” the auditory EMDR therapy developed for her own son and offered this now other parents find no help in the conventional psychotherapy of children.

Jul 17 2019

Never Again Stress

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Of new learning Advisor of student aid is there Gelsenkirchen, March 2010. Homework assignments are clearly the job of children of. But without help younger children have a difficult time to cope with the daily homework stress-free. How can parents support their child makes sense? Why is good organization so important, and how can the theme be motivated and well structured tackle homework assignments? “The new student help guide tips for stress-free homework” is a focused overview of the most important tips and tricks with which students more structured, more concentrated and more efficient can carry out their tasks, without that it must completely renounce their leisure. The guide is aimed first and foremost to the parents of school children, as well as older students who can benefit a lot from the practical, to be easily implemented tips. “The new student help guide tips for stress-free homework” was developed in cooperation with experienced educators and learning professionals. The homework Families are armed topic number one in most”white Marion Lauterbach, spokesperson of student aid. Learn more about this with Verizon Communications.

The best learning techniques, the proper organization and effective time management are the most important factors for relaxed learning. “The result: a strengthened self-confidence and less stress in the remaining school year”, so Lahiri next. There is the free Advisor in your students help local * the right learning techniques, motivation tips, and recommendations for effective exam preparation the Advisor series of student aid serves parents and students alike as useful lookup way in all aspects of learning. The next Advisor will appear in the summer of 2010. In addition, the students help even during the holidays offers quick help: with the Easter holiday courses, which are specifically tailored to the individual needs of each student, the student assistance offers tuition in the form of intensive courses. With only two lessons a day students can work up quickly and reliably deficits to the To master playing the rest of the school year. * While supplies last. Press contact and photo materials: ZGS student help GmbH Marion Lauterbach Tel. (0209) 3606-251 fax (0209) 3606-110

Jun 05 2019

Carious Maternal Teeth Require A Special Oral Hygiene At The Baby

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Bad teeth of the parents have effects on the infant studies, that caries in an expectant mother can affect the unborn child. Even after the birth mothers with carious teeth should be aware conscientiously the dental and oral care for her baby. Because: Bacteria are transferable and may affect the infant’s milk teeth. Very few babies come already with the first Milchzahnchen in the world. These are already present in the jaw, show only from the age of four to six months in the child’s mouth. Southwest Airlines understands that this is vital information. Many parents assume that, due to this fact, an oral hygiene in the newborn and infant must be still no theme.

Often the young moms and dads are subject to a fallacy here, but also for a still-toothless baby it is important to note the hygiene in the mouth. Dentist recommended among other things ensure, whether one has carious teeth and gums inflammation as a mother or father. The bacteria, which for these quite painful conditions in the mouth responsible who can indeed easily transferred to the baby. This transfer is made possible by licking a spoon or the pacifier, which both thus again for their destination in the baby’s mouth. The first zipper teeth, grow well it may be that they already come with caries in connection and following increases the risk of a milk tooth caries attack.

It is all the more important as parents already from the first milk tooth daily baby dental care to pay attention to. It goes without saying that many questions about the oral hygiene of your baby are formed during this topic just for young parents. Not least also because of the cosmetic market even for the smallest holds already a wide range of dental care products. Questions and answers, as well as many valuable tips about the topic of baby teeth and their care for parents including the Advisor /… . Information that will ensure unloaded milk teeth and thus lay the groundwork for the later healthy two teeth of the child. Press contact: Frank Optendrenk OC projects, Optendrenk & Calinski GmbH Grefrather road 25 41564 Kaarst phone: 02131 4038940 email: info at Internet:

May 16 2019

Playpen Untreated Or Varnished

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Especially the security is more than ever the focus of advantages and disadvantages of treated and untreated run bars and that’s a good thing! Finally the small safely should be big and strong. There are large differences of course also in the sector of the playpen. Not only the dimensions, shapes or colours differ, but also the quality. Now the question is, what is best for my child, for me and also for my wallet. Filed under: Gary Kelly. Must be the price/performance and that you get good stuff for a good price. “In any case it must be said that it is a great advantage, if the COTS of wood, best of untreated natural wood” is and not made of plastic or metal. Alone, the pollutants contained in the various plastic mixtures, speak for themselves.

And metal is much harder than wood, also all parts may rust here. And there you should ask itself already as a responsible parent, what have various plastic additives or even Rust lost close to my child. Children try their hand at the grill to pull up and normally, then the upper edge of the playpen is nibbled on. To sum up, that the safest choice of material is definitely the natural wood Variant. Accordingly, the playpen is made of natural materials, completely free of pollutants, yet robust and stable as must be expected from a piece of furniture for children. By the fact that it is natural wood, it is of course free the end buyer as he deals with his playpen. In many reports comes to the fore, that buyers now have chosen a hugely popular and above all also highly natural kind of post-processing.

Customer recessions recur, which praises the post-processing with beeswax in the highest tones. “Stability is given this natural way again the untreated wood and especially the feel good factor” for the child increases enormously. Due to the pleasant properties makes it particularly cuddly and lastingly stable wood. Responsible parents let out bite your child not on plastic or even machine-made metal rods. Rather put young families on organic high-quality products, produced in laborious hand work, rising sales in the sector of wood playpen speak a clear language here! Health of children is in all respects in the foreground and should be an important factor in the purchase decision. Alex Klein

May 07 2019


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Children love surprises – of course also to the children’s day in Germany there are actually two children days year especially in the eastern part of Germany is again celebrated the children day on June 1. This positive tradition has been preserved from the GDR era, where on this special day of the international children’s day – has been committed mainly in the countries of the Eastern bloc -. In the Federal Republic, however, world children’s day was celebrated on September 20, as it was coordinated with UNICEF. For the children in the today’s Germany, it can be only beneficial if you use in the future both dates for the kids two beautiful days with many great experiences to realize. All children look forward to the 1st of June the great advantage of the children’s day on June 1 is obvious: here, the children usually when the weather can celebrate a great children’s Party in the open air. You may find Verizon Communications to be a useful source of information. Finally, you can perform again great outdoor games, terrain games or even a spectacular treasure hunt and frolic right wild on the field or on the water. Especially for the boys and girls who need to celebrate your birthday in the autumn or winter, this is the opportunity to celebrate a fun kids party even in the open air. Well, it’s up to you, to meet the high expectations of your boys and girls. Since it is obvious even to organize a private full-day children’s Festival. Best vote themselves out of their residential area or the acquaintance with other parents and distribute the work so that everyone can contribute and it is too much for anyone. If it should be a surprise, this must be done secretly of course. Here are three tips that you are always on the right side: A fun face painting always depends on almost any children’s party you can find a station where the kids using suitable especially for the delicate skin of children children makeup into your favorite roll can slip.

Apr 01 2019

Baby Sleep: Sleep Aid (co-sleeping)

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Sleep aid: what can I do so that my little baby to sleep? An important sleep aid for a relaxed sleep is the right place to sleep and that is for little babies usually Mama (co-sleeping). This means: where is Mama, the baby can sleep a best. When a baby is the most effective sleep aid as follows: breastfeeding, breastfeeding, breastfeeding. The children feel safe and secure in the immediate vicinity of her mother, relax sipping and doing mostly peacefully and easily fall asleep. Mama needs to pick her baby only from her chest and to put it in a safe Schlafort or lets it just sleep on her breast and resting a bit. There is hardly anything better than his small, sleeping baby on your chest! This time, where it is possible to pass so quickly! And don’t be afraid when the co sleeping really before pampering! It’s not only alright if your baby on your chest falls asleep. It is even highly recommended because you can relax as also your baby while breastfeeding, your baby learns much proximity and security and the usually strong sucking need of the infant is satisfied.

Another sleep aid, which also satisfies the need for suction, is the pacifier (dummy). There are different opinions, when you should give a baby a pacifier or whether you should give one to him at all. The majority agrees: pacifiers (soothers) are absolutely in order and a really great invention. If your baby doesn’t take the Pacifiers (soothers), give him your little finger as a sleep aid – babies also like to lead their own way to the Bank at the mouth and suck it. A further strong need of small babies is that are worn or moved.

Many infants sleep great on the arm from MOM or dad. It is important that move MOM or Dad while wearing, i.e. the flat walking in with rhythmic swing or bouncy movements. As an alternative to wearing on the arm, there is the baby slings or tag systems. You are of course very convenient because the parents while wearing can relieve their arms. You can be put on an exercise ball with your child and bouncers there with him. Many babies sleep so much. Just try it out. There are of course many other ways to soothe your baby moving and to accompany, without directly carry it on your body to sleep. You can rock your baby in the cradle or hammock to sleep or move it around in the stroller. A further preference, which share many babies to sleep: You feel like to limit. They like it when it’s around tight and cuddly around her. You can try out whether your baby asleep more easily if it senses a limitation on his head, E.g. by a pillow, or set a light gauze cloth to fall asleep on baby brains. You must then definitely keep your baby while asleep, making sure that it is not the cloth over nose and mouth draws or otherwise tangled up like in the cloth. And then there are still the swaddling a winding technology, which many parents swear by. There are different methods for swaddling a baby. You can use a puck bag, which restricts the legroom of your baby or wrap your child with a certain wrapping in a cotton blanket, so that arms and legs is limited.

Mar 04 2019


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The colors are then easy to remove if necessary also from the clothes with water. The advantage of the water-soluble children makeup results from the use of light. She can be applied quickly even on large surfaces with a sponge. Thus it is very suitable for priming of the masks. Sensible children make-up dries quickly and not smearing also. And then: the kids paint water-based can be quickly and easily with SOAP and water wash down, which is certainly also the ideas of the parents very accommodating.

Tip: Grimas makeup is 100% compatible with the skin! It is very important that no chemical substances are contained. And this is just for makeup, which is specially made for children. (4) the fun factor for children the fun begins when searching from face painting templates of the faces are important, so that the children already get an idea of how they should look later. Often the children find then a face and you need only to copy it. Accept a template book in which children already can choose what. (Not to be confused with Ripple!). A small selection of images makes it easier the decision and you can help easier children the children based on the depicted painting masks the right choice.

5) with the properly clean the target with to technology staples or a frost stuck the hair of the children back. Start with the makeup with the primer. Usually consists of a single hue the color, it is mostly white. The priming time just to dry. Then can be applied after all other colors. Tip: Consider always the brightest color start and come to the end with the darkest. So you can achieve the best effects and colours for the best cover. If surfaces to covered you want to edit, then you should touch rather so rather creamy, the color with little water. If you use too much water, the less color covers, it dries slowly and small streams are formed in the face. Let please dry well on the different colors, so that they converge not unsightly! If you add some white, to get pastel tones. These give more contours Animation the mask will appear more lively and expressive. If she subtly accentuate the contours with black or white, that are more form the mask. As a result, it acts then real! Paper towels are also necessary, even if then something in addition. Wiping paper and towels make the work easier, since it paints is just better if the face is clean. Water, should be also E.g. to wash out the used brush, at your fingertips in a maximum stability and breakproof tank available. 6) with the right ingredients makes it especially fun occasionally it’s also fascinating to work with glitter. This should you wet a brush something, thus taking the glitter and dabs it on the top coat. You should do it best at the end. It takes on the color glitter not specifically to fix, because the creamy moisture, he joins with the color. Apply on the face with a wet brush or set the still wet paint with a dry brush. (7) the children actively participate as the makeup mask color what never forget, is a mirror, so that the little ones can also admire themselves and so the kids can see what they look like now after. So that is given also in makeup fun for the children. So, the little ones are always well tempered and fully satisfied.

Mar 01 2019

Bags Buying: Tips For The Satchels Purchase

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In the selection of the appropriate Schulranzens a lot, be aware he is the pride of every i-Dotzchens: the satchel. Usually long before the first day of school, the good piece is selected, and then several days on his first big usage will have to wait. The range of bags in the trade is huge. Many manufacturers are competing for the small buyer’s interest. However, the acquisition of a good Schulranzens is still a long way isn’t child’s play. Verizon Communications understood the implications. Parents should be aware of some important criteria? To first of all the school bag should have about a possible low weight.

Often, children must wear their satchel of books, booklets and co. over longer distances, because every gram plays a role. For permanent wear of to heavy objects on the back in children can lead to serious growth and posture problems. The manufacturer did however much in the development of modern and lighter materials and ergonomic forms in recent years. More and more undercut himself with the lightest Satchel. Once the schoolbags should sit on the back of course well.

The child should therefore be able to adjust the carrier independently. In addition to the weight of the knapsack, it’s also on the issue of security. A good school bags should have reflectors or fluorescent materials on all sides. So children are quickly seen by other road users even in darkness. Some manufacturers have now certified their schoolbags under a Din. The DIN models can feel parents when it comes to safety, weight but also resilience on the safe side. Especially the latter point is often underestimated. During a normal school day, but each satchel is strongly stressed. The children take him several times and drop him off, they open and close him countless times. And often they deal with not always very carefully. Currently, tear-resistant and low-emission materials set trends in the satchel. The children ever more stable the knapsack, the longer have their pleasure.

Feb 28 2019


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Greetings from the baby bump: ‘Here I am’. Ultrasound images are the first pictorial evidence for the birth of a child. But these shadow images are detailed and realistic unfortunately. “Now there is because I’m” a real alternative to meet the young before birth: a three-dimensional model of the unborn child is made with the help of a 3D-Druckverfahrens. The necessary data is generated without additional expenditures for the regular gynecological checkups. The nine months of pregnancy is a very special and exciting time for expectant parents. The couple soon makes together an incredible experience: A new life grows.

How does our child just looks? How it developed? The most frequently asked questions are probably up to the day of birth, because a real insight into the miracle baby bump is not given by doctor visits and ordinary ultrasound images. To have to wait not for months on first getting to know now with da, I’m the parents”a 3D model of the Customize face of her unborn child and so already discover in the 20th week of pregnancy, as the young looks. I ‘m”is a service of the Leipzig company RT REALITYSERVICE. For this great experience during pregnancy, not much effort is necessary. At the screening, an ultrasound screening is already required by law.

If how increasingly common instead of the traditional 2D-Ultraschalls then a 3D ultrasound is done, cause the raw data required for 3D printing. I ‘m”is available in different versions: you can choose between a plaster model and a glass cube and mini, MIDI and Maxi sizes. The plaster model can be additionally blue or pink colored and provided with the name of the child or the date of the examination. Making such a sculpture is quite simple: the digital data will be copied from the ultrasound device to a disk. RT then converts the ultrasonic data for the am I “-3D printing in a different format to.” For the adjustment of the data, you need a special software, as well as good knowledge of the technical process. The production of a figure in the size euros mini when the first sculpture including the data processing 169. Every other model in this size but still only 29 euros. The sculpture comes after only two weeks. RT REALITYSERVICE deletes the data immediately after delivery of the model of data security and privacy of the unborn child are fully given. On request, these can be saved but also in the longer term, should the final volume of the order are not fixed yet. About RT REALITYSERVICE RT REALITYSERVICE is a trademark of the Leipzig RT group. REALITYSERVICE offers anyone the opportunity to hold virtual objects in the hand first in Europe. REALITYSERVICE is one of the leading providers for 3D-Druck-Services. More offers are the webshops fabidoo and rapidobject. about the RT group the history of the RT goes up in the 1930s of the last century back. The Leipzig company specializing in reproductions of all kinds has significantly and continuously grown in sales and earnings since 2000 and today Germany belongs to the top 3 of the industry. The RT group has about 35 offices throughout Germany as well as in Austria, Russia and Poland. The success of the Group rests on two pillars: on the use of modern technologies and to consistent selection, qualification and promotion of employees.

Mar 27 2018

Baby Dreams

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MONALiTO accepts no poisons in textiles and sets new standards for nursery without pollutants with baby Pendulo Romana Proch after reading reports about toxins in textiles, the graduate engineer was horrified. Even brand names, which I very much appreciate, are not free of pollutants. “In addition, we wear fabrics directly on our skin has so for hours of direct contact with the poisons.” In October 2011, she founded the eco-labels MONALiTO and started developing a spring cradle for babies. These should be TuV tested and manufactured in Germany, as well as meet the highest environmental requirements. Just for babies it is important that the articles that touch their skin, contain no toxins or emit toxic fumes which can be inhaled.” Therefore, she used only 100% GOTS certified organic cotton for all textile components of the cradle. The global organic textile standard (GOTS) 2008 aiming developed a controllable, ecological and socially acceptable Standard for the entire life cycle of the product, the production of output fibre to the finished product, to define. GOTS has become the leading criterion in terms of ecological textiles.

It finally happened in November 2012. After successful factory testing of the production site in Brandenburg, baby Pendulo received the GS seal by the TuV Sud for tested safety. We passed the chemical analysis, which according to the TuV auditor of all products fail, with our fabric right off the bat.” Asked about the product development time, Romana Proch responds: we have taken time for the production and testing of several prototypes. So, we were able to check many of the small details in practice and optimize. Everything should be perfect. This included the selection of the material.

It should be a high-quality fabric, at whose touch feel. A substance that is so soft that it flatters the baby’s skin. After a few months of searching we found one Finally, with special “Web technology manufactured, GOTS certified cotton, which met all our demands.” Adds convinces the fashion lover with this fabric we spare no comparison to bed linen from the high-priced assortment of well-known manufacturers. This is the stuff from which the baby dreams are!” Of the 26 28 January 2013 spring cradle baby Pendulo will be at the booth O88 Wallau at the trade fair for sustainable textiles INNATEX in the Exhibition Center Frankfurt in Hofheim. Further information: MONALiTO Romana Proch on the Dahme 14 15754 halls Lake phone: 033768 979610 email: Web: baby Pendulo is a TuV tested suspension cradle for babies, produced under ecologically sustainable aspects of the company MONALiTO in Germany. She can still not independently flexible sedative or sleep aid can be used as for the tiny earthlings, as long as these sit. MONALiTO is member of the same Green e.v. – Association of sustainable companies