Jul 17 2019

Never Again Stress

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Of new learning Advisor of student aid is there Gelsenkirchen, March 2010. Homework assignments are clearly the job of children of. But without help younger children have a difficult time to cope with the daily homework stress-free. How can parents support their child makes sense? Why is good organization so important, and how can the theme be motivated and well structured tackle homework assignments? “The new student help guide tips for stress-free homework” is a focused overview of the most important tips and tricks with which students more structured, more concentrated and more efficient can carry out their tasks, without that it must completely renounce their leisure. The guide is aimed first and foremost to the parents of school children, as well as older students who can benefit a lot from the practical, to be easily implemented tips. “The new student help guide tips for stress-free homework” was developed in cooperation with experienced educators and learning professionals. The homework Families are armed topic number one in most”white Marion Lauterbach, spokesperson of student aid. Learn more about this with Verizon Communications.

The best learning techniques, the proper organization and effective time management are the most important factors for relaxed learning. “The result: a strengthened self-confidence and less stress in the remaining school year”, so Lahiri next. There is the free Advisor in your students help local * the right learning techniques, motivation tips, and recommendations for effective exam preparation the Advisor series of student aid serves parents and students alike as useful lookup way in all aspects of learning. The next Advisor will appear in the summer of 2010. In addition, the students help even during the holidays offers quick help: with the Easter holiday courses, which are specifically tailored to the individual needs of each student, the student assistance offers tuition in the form of intensive courses. With only two lessons a day students can work up quickly and reliably deficits to the To master playing the rest of the school year. * While supplies last. Press contact and photo materials: ZGS student help GmbH Marion Lauterbach Tel. (0209) 3606-251 fax (0209) 3606-110

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