Mar 04 2019


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The colors are then easy to remove if necessary also from the clothes with water. The advantage of the water-soluble children makeup results from the use of light. She can be applied quickly even on large surfaces with a sponge. Thus it is very suitable for priming of the masks. Sensible children make-up dries quickly and not smearing also. And then: the kids paint water-based can be quickly and easily with SOAP and water wash down, which is certainly also the ideas of the parents very accommodating.

Tip: Grimas makeup is 100% compatible with the skin! It is very important that no chemical substances are contained. And this is just for makeup, which is specially made for children. (4) the fun factor for children the fun begins when searching from face painting templates of the faces are important, so that the children already get an idea of how they should look later. Often the children find then a face and you need only to copy it. Accept a template book in which children already can choose what. (Not to be confused with Ripple!). A small selection of images makes it easier the decision and you can help easier children the children based on the depicted painting masks the right choice.

5) with the properly clean the target with to technology staples or a frost stuck the hair of the children back. Start with the makeup with the primer. Usually consists of a single hue the color, it is mostly white. The priming time just to dry. Then can be applied after all other colors. Tip: Consider always the brightest color start and come to the end with the darkest. So you can achieve the best effects and colours for the best cover. If surfaces to covered you want to edit, then you should touch rather so rather creamy, the color with little water. If you use too much water, the less color covers, it dries slowly and small streams are formed in the face. Let please dry well on the different colors, so that they converge not unsightly! If you add some white, to get pastel tones. These give more contours Animation the mask will appear more lively and expressive. If she subtly accentuate the contours with black or white, that are more form the mask. As a result, it acts then real! Paper towels are also necessary, even if then something in addition. Wiping paper and towels make the work easier, since it paints is just better if the face is clean. Water, should be also E.g. to wash out the used brush, at your fingertips in a maximum stability and breakproof tank available. 6) with the right ingredients makes it especially fun occasionally it’s also fascinating to work with glitter. This should you wet a brush something, thus taking the glitter and dabs it on the top coat. You should do it best at the end. It takes on the color glitter not specifically to fix, because the creamy moisture, he joins with the color. Apply on the face with a wet brush or set the still wet paint with a dry brush. (7) the children actively participate as the makeup mask color what never forget, is a mirror, so that the little ones can also admire themselves and so the kids can see what they look like now after. So that is given also in makeup fun for the children. So, the little ones are always well tempered and fully satisfied.

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