Oct 10 2021

Managing Director

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The trainees should always have a contact, which can be addressed in a certain context with the personal problems that may crop up in the course of the training. A special staff or the respective head of Department this may be depending on the size of the company. There are a number of supporting factors for the motivation of trainees. In addition to the appropriate framework conditions such as payment, clear training objectives and adherence of the mutual expectations, especially the human handling of the trainees plays an important role. Also directors or Managing Director have regular discussions with the trainees, to check not only your performance, but especially their motivation. How does the communication between student and mentor? Overall probably feels the trainees in operation? There are weaknesses in the school? If Yes, how to organise a tutoring? What are the technical developments in the Operation? Does the trainee have a preference in his area of responsibility? Should this be encouraged? Tip: must motivate more trainees to the ex. praise and reward for good educational and operational performance.

You should show sincere interest in his trainees! The balance between requirements and promotion of trainees is essential for a long lasting, good training relationship. Trainees should train for a job in three years. This requires increased attention and willingness to learn on pages of the trainees. The main task of the instructor is to create the appropriate framework conditions for the trainees and to support him in his learning. This includes that the trainees know all facets of his profession and can learn and has plenty of time to master the academic requirements. Tip: Ask and encourage trainees. Fixed service plans, sufficient rest and enough time to learn are essential for a good training result. Hoteliers must understand, that you make in the future of your business! Knowledge transfer should be in the first place.

Trips to suppliers with a tour of the company, the Exchange with a trainee from a partner hotel or the involvement of trainees in special projects, such as the Organization of the Festival of the operation, to provide additional incentive and motivation and give other important learning. The handling of trainees requires special skills. A high level of understanding and awareness of the special duty of care are essential for a double-sided satisfactory training relationship. German Berlin-based hotel Consulting helps Don’ts hotels, consulting with their trainees through individual training concepts and special training courses for senior managers. So are trainees to the company committed and saved Recruitingkosten. Contact: German consulting GbR Mecklenburg str. 87-88 10713 Berlin Tel: 030-992 50 419 E-mail: Web:

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