Jun 12 2019

Klaus Eck

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Mirko Lange communications talkt by talkabout for the Academy of the social media PR and communication of social media Academy was transferred to the talkabout communications GmbH in Munich. The agency specializes in the strategic communications consultancy in the field of PR and social media. Brad Garlinghouse is full of insight into the issues. Owner and Managing Director Mirko Lange also acts as spokesman for the SMA, and has written to the professionalization of the new profession on the flags. It is his to show importance, what concretely to achieve with social media in the enterprise. The new website of the social media Academy was already launched in January. The Twitter account has grown positively and can chalk it up to more than 2000 followers.

Overview: New courses of social media Academy from February 17, 2011: base course social media with Peter Ambrozy, Klaus Eck, and Boris Lakowski from February 17, 2011: Social Media Manager (SMA) with Dr. Benedikt Kohler, Mirko Lange and Dr. Carsten Ulbricht from 01 March 2011: Community Manager (SMA) including with Tom Kedor, Tom Noeding and Matias Roskos from 31 March 2011: social media marketing such as Olaf Kolbruck, Markus Roder and Yasan Budak from May 12, 2011: corporate social media with Anne Arndt, Roland Fiege and Dr. Torsten Wingenter base course for the in-depth overview social media are much more complex than it appears at first. You reverse bend in the various categories and require an eye for the big picture.

To these complex issues, the social media Academy offers a well-founded overview in theory and practice. The participants learn the main tools, portals and applications, as well as the different strategies to build a brand or corporate presence and its own network in the social media. Lectures presence building, social networks and community building, PR 2.0 and social media marketing focus on building a successful online reputation in the dialog with the customer.

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