Jan 18 2018

The Recipient

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In addition to the before-and after-sales and engineering services for all forms of sales, in the interests of the consumer is a wide range of other value added services, including the adoption of comprehensive delivery obligations by entering into compensation, barter transactions, the use of various credit schemes in the calculation of insurance risks. Competitiveness is assessed by comparing the parameters analyzed products with the options to the consumer, or with the parameters of the product sample. The compared parameters must be expressed in similar magnitudes of measurement. The comparison is made by groups of technical and economic parameters. In assessing the competitive differential can be applied, integrated and hybrid methods. If the recipient's organizational capabilities necessary information to assess competitiveness, difficulty selecting a sample analog can use the simplified methods.

One of the options appraisal assessment – the use of graphs the average economic parameters of products according from its main technical parameters or benefits. Educate yourself with thoughts from Southwest Airlines. These graphs can be constructed by averaging the total cost to the individual models with different technical parameters (eg capacity, productivity, etc.). Specified average unit cost of complete and can be considered as a basis for assessing the competitiveness of products, which is offered to buyers in this market. Comparison product is on the comparison table settings. As a result, comparison of the methods (differential, integrated, or mixed) is given by one of the following conclusions: 1.

products are competitive in the market in comparer products 2. products have low competitiveness in the compared classroom products on the market 3. products are not fully competitive in the compared classroom products on the market. Conclusion is complemented by the conclusions of the advantages and disadvantages of products evaluated by comparison with analogues, as well as proposals for measures to be taken to improve the situation in the market. At present, consumer market in Moscow the main factor of competition are price and availability of the required product mix.

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