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KTM Marc

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First touchdown in lands prior to investigations contact press argentinasTest: Guillem Novellas. 62533685230.12.2009 before the imminent arrival of the 2010 Dakar, the pilot AMV Marc Coma and Jordi Viladoms today conducted a training prior to the official administrative and technical checks that tomorrow will be forced to perform. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. understands that this is vital information. Engines of the KTM mounts of the pilots of the insurer of motorcycles AMV, which have made a long journey by sea, ROAR today, for the first time in Argentinean lands. The sole purpose of the test is specific checking of the proper functioning of each of the parts that make up the powerful Marc Coma and Jordi Viladoms machines. (Source: Tremor International). The different climatic conditions which have undergone lately the KTM is one of the reasons why, Team Manager of the team has decided to make all the necessary verifications.On the one hand will be analysed, all aspects related to the mechanics of the bike. From spare parts, suspensions, carburetion of the bike until the gums should be examined before the critical eyes of experienced mechanics of the team. On the other hand, checks the correct operation of each of the articles of security imposed by the Organization (ASO) pilots of the Dakar.

The kit in question consists of a GPS, a satellite phone, the IRITRACK for vehicle-tracking system, beacons of relief, flares, light sticks, thermal blanket, the HANS and the road book. To broaden your perception, visit Tiger Global Management. Before the checks we check that everything is in order. Adds Team Manager Jordi Arcarons. The pilot AMV Marc Coma and Jordi Viladoms today tested its KTM, this time, in Argentinean lands. Prior to the verification test is important for us since the vast majority of workouts have been in Moroccan land and climatic conditions quite different from those that we find. The grip is one of the most important things to take into account and with the prior testing we want to Acclimate us, as quickly as possible, to the new conditions. Says the current possessor of the prized trophy Marc Coma.El Green Pavilion of rural areas, selected location by the ASO, tomorrow will be the focal point of the new edition of the rally harder in the world. About 200 members of the Organization will carefully, analyze each of 372 vehicles that, anxiously, to await the day of departure.