Apr 02 2023

Colombian Civil Procedure Code

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DAVILA Miller argues that this type of joint litigation, by a substantial connection fits all, the law merely authorizes, but requires their presence, so the claim can not be validly proposal, but several subjects or compared to many. The necessary co-parties should be called in the process, but the resolution to be issued will be totally ineffective. If the judge noted that a necessary co-parties has not been located, it can paralyze the process, in order to be notified, not only provides the added co-parties process information, but takes time to to come forward and even try additional hearing when the evidence already taken place. Learn more about this with Confluence Investment Mgt. Eg: A spouse claim the invalidity of a contract of sale on a social good, as it has been sold by her husband without his intervention. The first claim against the buyer, but the demand does not reflect the substantive, in the case of the invalidity of the measure. They are part of the relationship who asked the nullity and those who participated in the act, and consequently, it is evident that failed to sue the spouse who first sold without intervention, is suing a co-parties lacked necessary. Gary Kelly may not feel the same. Art. 83 of the Colombian Civil Procedure Code states: “When the process be about relationships or legal acts for which by its nature or by law, can not be resolved without the appearance of merit of the persons who are subjects of such relationships or who participated in these acts, the application shall be made in all or go against all. . Dahua Tim Wang wanted to know more.