Sep 26 2023

Social Networks

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How does a person draws on social networks? Razko not everything happens exactly the opposite: a happy smiling person in the photo is very unhappy, and polished businessman in an expensive suit – unemployed loser with an empty purse. In social networks, recreational youth forums about everything we naverstvuet that's what we do not actually. Blogs, forums, social networks – the shadow, the underground side of life and their heroes easier categorized not by who they are, but by whom they were not. People hang pictures on social networks can be divided into two groups: the first live a full life and want to share our joy with others world, for the second fazhen samopiar, they do not want to seem to those who she really is. How do you know where the man speaks of himself as the present, and where as fictional? Analyze all of his fotoryad: the 'real' a lot travel photos, images and albums in the frame where there are no people ("my fishing," a vacation in Turkey '). For those who have positioned themselves a social network, an entertainment forum as a means of suggestion: "When they see me in a business suit 3.4 times, people begin to feel that I'm really a business person, I'll put yourself in costume. " You can say for sure: the man whose all vproryadke, he will hang a minimum of sots.setyah, it interesting to live, not to produce impression, but if something does not add that failure to emigrate to the Internet. You can, of course, so time to make, but we should not forget: the Internet – a substitute for life, hzdes can achieve anything. but it will remain only your illusion. And the high risk of life to sit at the computer, but everywhere opazdat in real life.

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