Oct 19 2013

Online Dating

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In runet, for example, DatingChating.ru, Mamba.ru or LovePlanet.ru. A visitor, getting to your site will get access to a real dating site. Outwardly, it looks as though you are the owner hyped deytingovogo portal with millions of visitors, but in fact the visitor gets through you only have access to a database large site online znakomstv.Svoi money you receive as a percentage of user cost for various services. And some people spend their money in the thousands. Dollars, of course. Major players in this market promise you up to 3600 dollars a month if you own the site, which is visited daily for 10 thousands of users. And that's not counting revenue from advertising sales.

True, where to get these users, you must know yourself. Small income compared with the previous, but honest. Necessary skills: a) have already completed website on virtually any subject, and b) the ability to attract visitors to it. The fifth way is probably one of the most original. If you can learn on the Internet, you can organize your school young fighter deytinga.

Site Datingschool.ru takes $ 50 for something that will teach you effectively get acquainted on the Internet. Price promise to increase to $ 100. If the 15 million viewers online dating sites at least a couple thousand people will take advantage of this service, the site owners 'cut down' hundreds of thousands of U.S. banknotes. Necessary skills: a) the ability to learn on the Internet, b) the ability to sell this unusual service. Six ways generally speaking does not belong to you, and to cellular companies. Most paid services on dating sites via sms. And half the amount that you send for the service, to impose its tentacles cellular providers. According to expert estimates, industry revenues Online Dating in runet in 2006 amounted to approximately $ 25 million. About half of this sum had settled in the pockets of cellular companies. If you think about how to make affordable and accessible to every small payments, you can 'Bite' a good part of those millions of its own. Necessary skills: a) be the owner of a cellular company, b) or figure out how easy and cheap to make payments not through wireless communication. Itself a niche Internet deytinga very densely occupied by the existing giants and niche players. Nevertheless, opportunities to earn deytinge still remain and, apparently, in the future there will be no less. Be bold. We hope that all of the ways earning you choose only honest

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