Dec 12 2018

Norderney – Island History In The North Sea

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Description of the first North Sea Spa with historical background who wants to spend his holiday in Germany, should rent a holiday apartment on island Norderney. Norderney is 14 km long and 2 km wide. Since the end of the second world war, owns the island village town rights and this is one of the smallest towns of in Germany with a population of about 6000. Mentioned for the first time was “the new Norder Island / Nye norder oogh” 1398 yet as the end of Easter – the eastern part of Buise, island, which went down over the centuries. Norderney was in the first as well as in the second world war of high strategic importance, witnessed the many bunkers in the dunes and the remains of the large airfield on the western edge of the island.

During all wars, the island economy came to the flag. Fishing was the main source of income for the Islanders. in 1797, the North Sea resort of Norderney as first German North Sea resort was founded by the East Frisian estates. 50 visitors have been noted in the 1789 season. The heyday was Norderneys in touristic respects to 1900 Norderney and Baden-Baden was the social hub of Germany during the summer months. Bismarck, Moltke, Bulow, Stresemann were among the guests of the Hanoverian Royal family, which had his summer residence on Norderney. Norderney features a dune golf course, which comes very close to the Scottish original as only East Frisian island. Norderney is secured by comprehensive coastal protection structures in the West, so that the former West East walk was stopped.

The ferry ride takes approximately 50 minutes from the Mainland port of Norddeich. Norderney is apart from Borkum as only island tide regardless. The traffic is severely limited in the summer months. The country is also subject to restrictions during the breeding season of protected birds. Norderney features a freshwater lens and is self-sufficient in water supply as a result. Power is supplied from the Mainland, the waste produced on Norderney is pressed on the ground in containers and brought to the disposal to the Mainland. All Norderneyer food come from the Mainland. One Hike to the Mainland is to create during a low tide, but only allows experienced Watt Guide. The Norderney holiday during the winter months is a very good recovery by the bracing climate and the also a recreation for the Familienbugdet extremely cheap apartments. Hans Vollmer

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