Nov 20 2023

Mobile Navigation

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Mobile Navigator of zoneLINK Ulm – this saves you towing with unwieldy Navis, which neither phone nor can take any pictures. Because zoneLINK HandyNavigator, a complete package with mobile software and GPS receiver at an unbeatable price 89.99 euros, launches the next revolution in the mobile navigation market. Walking in the city, on the bike or car: Via mobile navigation and without bulky accessories, cost-conscious consumers find now always the shortest route to the target, without route fees. The complete package of zoneLINK navigation software includes Dasortliche o-NAVI, simply played on the phone, and the award-winning GPS receiver BT-GPS-8, which connects via Bluetooth to the phone. From November 23, HandyNavigator at the price 89.99 euros in trading will be zoneLINK available. To forget the HansHans\”from the famous TV commercials at home or to carry the heavy Navi through half the city, sightseeing tours so belongs to the past.

With the extra small, extra light and already award-winning GPS receiver in your pocket and your mobile phone are consumers easier and cheaper oriented than ever. The GPS receiver that accompanies the zoneLINK HandyNavigator, is awarded with the iF product design award 2007 and has already test victory of the journal connect\”(auto connect 3/07) cleared. Convinced the device through the performance of the receiver, because even in adverse conditions has the device delivered accurate position data.\” Also see sputtered car windscreens. In addition to stability and design was crucial the long battery life of around eleven hours for test victory ultimately. The receiver is so small that it fits in your pocket and is liable due to lagging even without special mount well on surfaces such as dashboards, for example. The navigation software does also not: navigation in Germany and Europe (21 countries), customized interactive GPS control on foot, by bicycle or in the car, spoken local street names, TMC traffic warning system and above all always updates Maps.

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