Nov 12 2014

Medioevo Argentina

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That ignorant, because the record occurred in the postwar periods and they were finished when Europe left the crisis. Gentlemen, it is not necessary to fight to the field, but their pretense leaders must understand that we are in an Argentina different from which you dreamed, an Argentina for all, an Argentina that will only be made strong if of a good time it becomes industrialized and it stops living on an economy of the Medioevo. It really surprises me that rosista like Duhalde them of rating, but any thing seems good to try to return to the power. The others do not deserve commentaries because they do not add nor they remain to the policy. Lacri, a head of titular government of the worse well-known management, processed by serious crimes, investigated by others, of Larvez, a deputy that I postulate by means of the story " I have plan" and until now we do not know it and Ernesto Sanz, an amnesic one, that forgets the retentions to the pensioners done by the radicals does one decade less than and tries to be like the defender of the jubilatorios salaries, that next to others sat down in the official theater box. There will be them to the citizen to judge in the next elections. So far all try to cling to this ideal instrument to face bureaucracy, unique reason for fight of " resistencia" to that Volcati talks about. THE DEFENDER. Original author and source of the article.

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