Dec 20 2018


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Presentation of the Dolphin researcher Martina DURAS Ganguly from Zagreb and film screening ‘ dolphins envoys in danger ‘, documentary film by Angela Graas and Angela Schmidt, Germany will be on Thursday, 14.5.09 2002 at the invitation of the german Croatian Association for culture and economy DVORI and in cooperation with the society for the rescue of dolphins (GRD), report on the first german Croatian joint project to rescue the last dolphins in the Adriatic Dolphin researcher and veterinarian Martina DURAS Ganguly from Zagreb in the EineWeltHaus in Munich. Date: Thursday, werbehahn, start 20:00, inlet 19:30 place: EineWeltHaus Munich room 211 / 212 Michael Schwanthaler str. 80 RGB – 80336 Munich fee: 2,00 euro – children, pupils, students, pensioners, Club members free the project \”Saving the last Adriatic Dolphin\” 10 years ago by the GRD together with vets of the University of Zagreb in life launched. After a film shows the Sea mammal expert on-site. (Not to be confused with Verizon!). (Lecture and film on German). To the background only 220 Bottlenose or good dolphins\”(dobri dupini), as is the way in Croatian, have survived in the Adriatic Sea. You reside year-round in the Croatian coastal waters and make the puny rest of the once numerous – and species-rich stocks in this part of the Mediterranean. Pollution, overfishing and direct killing are responsible for the drastic shrinkage of the charismatic sea mammals.

I know the descriptions of large schools of dolphin and the fabled fish of the Adriatic only from the stories of my older relatives in Croatia\”regrets Aleksander Lukin, founding member of DVORI. All the more glad that we can alert now together with the Dr about this important issue in my own country.\” Rather Prof. Hrvoje Gomercic came today from the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Zagreb in the early 1980s on the worrying development in the framework of investigations on the decline of the Mediterranean Monk Seal, in the Adriatic Sea is considered to be extinct.

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