Mar 18 2019

Fraunhofer IESE:

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ISY3 trendsetting key technologies for the media industry is the ISY3 suite of DTS Medien AG according to the Fraunhofer Institute for experimental software engineering (IESE) is a key technology of the future for the media industry. This evaluation was carried out in the framework of a market analysis, the specific practice requirements of major media companies were based. ISY3 is not less than, for the media industry, a trend-setting key technology. The Fraunhofer Institute for experimental software engineering (IESE) in Kaiserslautern, came to this conclusion. The renowned establishment was entrusted by some reputable media company, to create an independent investigation and evaluation of selected suppliers. The Fraunhofer Institute for experimental software engineering IESE is one of the world’s leading research institutions in the field of software and system development with international networking”explains Garvin Prenzing, Director of marketing & sales at the DTS Medien AG. This is therefore Judgment also a special importance.” The company wanted to independently evaluate you should decide which software solution. You commissioned therefore Fraunhofer IESE one of 57 institutes of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft with an analysis of various available technologies market.

The result relies on a thorough examination and assessment of ISY3 technology also with regard to usability, sustainability and future viability. Subject was also reviewing the implementation on consistency with regard to the underlying architectural concept, as well as the development and the check of quality attributes based on a variety of typical user scenarios. ISY3 has met the strict criteria of the Fraunhofer Institute of IESE in almost perfect way, so that the assignment from your media company finally in good conscience could opt for our software suite”, Garvin Prenzing forward. ISY3 live experience as of leading technological provider ISY3 is one of the Main sponsors of the 8th Congress for successful and efficient product communication PROKOM 2010, which will take place from 23 to 25 February 2010 in Mainz. At the booth, and in a workshop the products are presented to the advanced ISY3 suite. More information under: about the Fraunhofer IESE the Fraunhofer Institute for experimental software engineering (IESE) has over Europe’s leading architectural and process skills and engaged in the Fraunhofer Network for information and communication technology for trendsetting key technologies of tomorrow.

For more information see: about ISY3-ISY3 provides brands, companies, agencies and service providers a platform, with the communication and media processes faster, higher quality and more efficient can be carried out. The ground-breaking and convincingly simple ISY3 technology connects people, content, and technology to a fully integrated workflow for cross-media multi channel publishing. So helps ISY3 national and international companies in all target markets and across all media, to realise their communication better than ever before. ISY3 is a product of DTS Medien AG. The DTS Medien AG with headquarters in Herford is established as a full service provider of IT solutions for over 27 years in the media industry. The company employs approximately 100 employees, of which 70 software developers are. The young team develops new innovative applications to optimize communication and media processes. This know-how is concentrated in the software ISY. ISY is available worldwide with more than 450 customers successfully in use already in and third generation.

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