Mar 04 2016


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Only that nothing, but are more than those who claim to know all the dynamics of the current scenario economic, commercial, have given way to indicate that new paradigms that favour the activities of administrative management, to emergence of new actors, knowledge, that can not be ignored. Such is the case of the empowerment, topical that is discussed widely within the Chair of managerial topics of the programme management of the quality and productivity of the postgraduate of Faces, making forums and workshops on the subject. You know, the Empowerment means empowerment or empowerment which is the fact of delegating power and authority to subordinates and give them the feeling that they are owners of their own work. English Empowerment and its derivatives are used in various meanings and contexts, but in Spanish the word is competing with a number of expressions that approach without having achieved the fullness of the noun. To accredit Empowerment with empowerment and to empower with boost, While they fall into disuse oldest expressions as empower and enable. Empowerment is a tool of total quality that models of continuous improvement and reengineering, as well as expanded enterprises provides elements to strengthen the processes that lead companies to its development. Empowerment becomes the strategic tool which strengthens making, that gives meaning to work in team and leadership that allows total quality ceases to be a motivational philosophy, from the human perspective and become a radically functional system. But by what Empowerment?. What’s behind him? Which bequeathed us? Does it help the quality and productivity?.Empowerment is a concept, a philosophy, a new way of managing the company that integrates all resources, capital, manufacturing, production, sales, marketing, technology, equipment and people, etc., making use of communication effectively and efficiently to the achievement of the Organization. However, to accept the foregoing it is necessary to delve more about this concept to understand in what it is and what its scope.

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