Jan 13 2015

Crib Marketer. Operational Update On The Status Of Shocks

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World obsessed with the global financial crisis, which many experts have called one of the most destructive economic events of the last century. Before our eyes, unfolding corporate tragedy collapse Earliest banks go bankrupt oligarchs are losing their jobs of tens of thousands of people. It seems that the current economic situation is not a short-term troubles, and new conditions of life for the next few years. One way or otherwise, "new life" is touched, or soon will affect each of us. Causes and consequences of the crisis, forecasts its development and survival of recipes devoted hundreds of published opinions and add information space.

This article – not just another one of them. This material we discover a series of publications that reflect the results of ongoing monitoring of changes in the consumer environment in the course of a panel of marketing study conducted by research agency Quans Research. In November 2008, a federal agency founded a panel of respondents, consisting of 3,600 residents of all Russian millionaire cities. These people have agreed on a monthly basis inform researchers about changing their financial situation, consumer habits and preferences, changes in other areas of your life. This information can help managers and entrepreneurs focus on important processes in the retail markets, will give a basis for predicting market trends. The media do not give to forget that during the last three months living in Russia, notably decreased. Unemployment is close to the socially critical limits, sharply increased the total arrears of wages, many companies refuse to bonuses and other fringe benefits.

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