Mar 25 2019


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In December public figures around the world doing their utmost to extend his heart and wish us all the best; his yearly Christmas congratulations help people feel a very special union and prepare for the coming year. Perhaps, one of the best-known public figures is Queen Isabel II of England. A hardworking Queen, of this there can be no doubt, and very good leader of his country who had to jump into the real fore at an early age after the death of his father. Traditionally, her Majesty delivers his speech of congratulations from Christmas through various media such as radio, television and even internet. Source: Verizon Communications. The official site of the British monarchy is there and we can point us to your official podcast. On the youtube page you can see videos on virtually any topic, and there we can enjoy the congratulations that the Queen has been offering through the years. If you’re curious to see the first video recorded for television (1957) can do it in, which is the official channel of the British monarchy youtube. The tradition began in 1932; the famous speech or speech was broadcast on radio and gave it to King Jorge V.

This Christmas message typically combines Chronicles of the past year (major events) with a special focus on the role of the monarchy. The Queen gives way to communicate its milestones and their personal feelings about Christmas. It is one of the few cases where the sovereign or sovereign speaks in public without having to have the approval of British Ministers. The speech is planned many months before Christmas and the Queen decides the theme that you want to tackle. The speech is recorded a few days before Christmas, and transmission is usually made the day 25 in the afternoon, more or less to the Spanish lunch hour. Recent transmissions include a pleasant portrait of the Royal family itself, Buckingham Palace, and often a serious perspective on the events of the year, penalties and achievements. There is no doubt that the Queen of England It is a great public speaker. Original author and source of the article.

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