Jul 01 2019

United Nations World

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We live in a consumer society and consume – word derived from latin consumere – means spending or destroy. That is what they have been doing during the last centuries, spending and destroying everything the Earth gives us.The volume and speed with which we spend and destroy has exponentially increased to such an extent that we have already exceeded the capacity of the planet to absorb our waste, then we face the worst possible crossroads. An apocalyptic scenario long-announced by scientists and environmentalists occurs before our eyes and shorten the time to react. Many changes in our way of life are needed to stop or at least reduce the terrible impacts of changing climate on the planet.It is very worrying when indicated, there are 1.1 billion today in the world of people who have no access to drinking water and two thousand 600 million lacking basic sanitation. The United Nations has recognized that these shortcomings have become limitations very serious to achieve improvements in the quality of life and a powerful obstacle in the fight against poverty, disease and underdevelopment and, therefore, in a great difficulty to meet the Millennium goals by 2015.

Satisfy them involves radical changes in our relationship with water and in the way we use and therefore requires a very important collective effort. Very worrying what brings Ernesto Guhl Nannetti, the dramatic situation in Africa, beset by thirst and diseases of hydric origin and to a lesser extent in other regions of the world, can not be ignored, as well as the management of rivers shared by several countries is fertile ground for international conflicts caused by a resource increasingly in demand and with worse quality. Added support of ecosystems capacity loss by aggressive human intervention on them and by pollution. Presents thirsty world. To try to avoid that this image becomes a reality, is drawn to the need to generate and disseminate a new water culture which granted its symbolic and economic value as an essential element for life, well-being and development and which encourage their conservation and careful use, within a comprehensive vision of the management of the resource has arisenthat until now has been fragmented and partial this cultural change must anticipate through formative and educational processes covering the entire society and achieving it is a challenge of the first magnitude for Governments.

Apr 22 2019

Alphaville Market

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Indicated that the Venezuelan financial system is full of public values and consequently enhance its load means increase the risk country and on the other reduce the margin you have to give credit to production and investment. You should consider that Venezuela economic structure shows a country where about 60% of GDP is related directly or indirectly with oil, where the public sector contributes 30% of GDP and where 94% of this country’s exports correspond this product. For Jose Manuel Puente, the President Hugo Chavez management will use the resources you have in various funds, between 25 or 30 thousand million dollars, to cushion the fall in revenues during the first half of next year. If petroleum no bounces, it indicates Bridge, take measures such as new taxes or exchange rate adjustment provides thereon, which according to the IMF the Venezuelan economy would present a growth in 2009 of only 2%, the third part of the registered in 2008. What the experts say about the future of the price of crude oil and its influence on Venezuela? According to Goldman Sachs (GS) projection of medium-term price is US$ 65 barrel.

The United States International Energy Agency projected a price of oil average $112 for 2009, from US$ 74 for 2010 and US$ 59 for 2020. According to Alphaville Market (Financial Times), Venezuela would need a price of oil above US$ 90 to sustain its economy for the Economist and Professor at the IESA, Pedro Palma, the decline in the oil price leading to a scenario where inflation, which accumulates a leap of 36% in the last twelve months will tend to be about 40% in 2009. The amount of dollars at 2.15 bolivars will diminish significantly, in this time is settled 200 million dollars a day and that is not going to keep, said Pedro Palma who participated in a forum organized by the IESA to explore trends in the coming year.

Mar 28 2019

The Objectives

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The educational methods for the formation of values are based in that the teacher must gaze escudrinadora to know the child, subject and object of education. The only way you can educate fullness. The best educator will not never be the wiser, but which is at the same time, more benevolent, the more discreet, more delicate, that the dignity of the character to the austerity of the science. See more detailed opinions by reading what Oracle offers on the topic.. Without benevolence, without discretion, there is no possible education at home or at school. Learn more at this site: Gary Kelly. The tradition in formation of values became flesh and blood in the generation of the 53, which again opened the way to melt the Marti thought with new ideas of Marxism. It was released to the fight.

The revolution was made. The revolutionary process itself has been a great source for the formation of new values. All institutions of society should contribute to it, and especially the school. The concept of new man, conceived by Che, is a strong impetus to the objectives of education. The formation of values should continue to be the center of the country’s educational concern. First of all, of an exemplary fool-proof of the Professor, with an ethical sense of responsibility and unconditional (based on the success of the politico-ideological and educational work, rests in the exemplarity of the teacher and of the collective pedagogical). The teacher assumes a dual role in the teaching-learning process. On the one hand, you must become facilitator of this, and on the other hand, direct it according to specific objectives formative. The cardinal objective of Cuban pedagogy is from primary school to University to train men comprehensive, creative and competent; so they must be educators and for this purpose its mission is to act as guides, counsellors and guardians of its students, work should be strengthened in the daily work with scientific, pedagogical arguments and contributing ideas from their experiences, preparation and experience.

Mar 25 2019


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In December public figures around the world doing their utmost to extend his heart and wish us all the best; his yearly Christmas congratulations help people feel a very special union and prepare for the coming year. Perhaps, one of the best-known public figures is Queen Isabel II of England. A hardworking Queen, of this there can be no doubt, and very good leader of his country who had to jump into the real fore at an early age after the death of his father. Traditionally, her Majesty delivers his speech of congratulations from Christmas through various media such as radio, television and even internet. Source: Verizon Communications. The official site of the British monarchy is there and we can point us to your official podcast. On the youtube page you can see videos on virtually any topic, and there we can enjoy the congratulations that the Queen has been offering through the years. If you’re curious to see the first video recorded for television (1957) can do it in, which is the official channel of the British monarchy youtube. The tradition began in 1932; the famous speech or speech was broadcast on radio and gave it to King Jorge V.

This Christmas message typically combines Chronicles of the past year (major events) with a special focus on the role of the monarchy. The Queen gives way to communicate its milestones and their personal feelings about Christmas. It is one of the few cases where the sovereign or sovereign speaks in public without having to have the approval of British Ministers. The speech is planned many months before Christmas and the Queen decides the theme that you want to tackle. The speech is recorded a few days before Christmas, and transmission is usually made the day 25 in the afternoon, more or less to the Spanish lunch hour. Recent transmissions include a pleasant portrait of the Royal family itself, Buckingham Palace, and often a serious perspective on the events of the year, penalties and achievements. There is no doubt that the Queen of England It is a great public speaker. Original author and source of the article.

Nov 15 2018

Class Media

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Obama helps the middle class and this will help the economy? 13 May 2009 if there is something I must admit to Barack Obama is that he is fulfilling the pre-election promises. Without a doubt it is something of which we are not very used by these lands. In Argentina even, we are waiting for are realized promises that Government made during his tenure. Strange isn’t it? Yes, but is the reality that Argentines must live, why cause us surprise when we see other countries politicians to comply with its promises. Really do not know if these tax cuts have a double objective (a hidden objective) or simply looking for him only relieve the burden to the middle class, but the truth is that Obama took the decision and cut taxes for families and small and medium-sized enterprises, at the time that returned to impose levies on large companies. Certainly comparable with Robin Hood is the determination of Obama removed him to large companies and wealthy families, to give small companies and the middle class and lower class families.

The American type family, can save with these measures around US $800 per year. It is certainly not a figure of great significance, but at least serve to close some financial bumps that may arise. As the Government itself was recognized by, these tax measures will not be free to U.S. public finances. The fiscal cost of the reductions would thus reach $736.000 million over the next ten years.

In principle may seem a sum more than bulging in a moment where the U.S. Treasury accounts are more red than usual. But the reality is that these tax reductions are very probably transformed in a higher consumption and consequently in a higher level of activity. The issue of public accounts is no small matter, since for the fiscal year that closed on 30 September, the U.S.

Oct 16 2018

Benefits Time

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When we are involved enun business, most of us do it with little or no advice. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of effort wasted by some business owners. They still do all the work, that person can carry out. Think in your business! What is the price of lost time? Does the cool-headed if you used that effectively time? I know you think you’re the only one who can do that job properly. That is an interesting belief. The fact is that, someone more, probably capable of performing the work of a more effective and efficient manner, since this would be the only job that would have to do.

Meanwhile, instead of monitor contributions from the past weeks or trying to make contacts (perhaps you wonder, what is it?) or call your customers existing to see if there is something that they need, (if not you spoke them within the cycle of selling, are now customers of someone else) you are stuck wasting time, working at a rate of $15 USD the hour approximately. How much of your time you use developing new marketing strategies, analyzing the evidence and measuring results, fostering relationships with other businesses and organizing other necessary activities that make the difference between a successful business and one average? All this perhaps in bankruptcy process. How you’ll save time and what is the difference between you and the franchise average? The answer is simple: systems. The issue of systems applies not only to large companies, is also the key factor of success of all small businesses. Many are the benefits of being systematized. On the one hand, this ensures the operational integrity that everything stays in place and in its time, offering therefore an efficiency and a minimization of costs where everything is balanced at lower prices, which leads at the same time, competitive advantage.

Sep 21 2018

Jose Diaz

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There are online, a series of organized fraud, that in the majority of cases make them credible for users of this network, a palpable very coherent case is that your email specifically, comes an address of someone in covered and poses which fictitiously as a person who lives in the city of Dakar Senegal West Africa, and this person has been in refugee camps, and usually masquerading as young women and up to send photos, but they are not of this alleged person since they are fictitious and are also pictures of very attractive women, and that they are victims of a supposed war in that country, and that refugees are because their parents were killed by this war, and she was at the mercy of these fields of shelters, but that his father was a high emissary of the Government of that country, and leave a high amount of money in any bank account of that city in dollars, and her for being a refugee is not entitled to anything which requires that you, who’ve come this email, and that Plus she makes you believe that you are the ideal and reliable person because his heart so it says it or something similar so, any charge as a partner, or another instance remove or. transfer that sum of money to a personal account, some would say that to change give a percentage for you or that you have to go to live with you among other tricks. There is even iria well say I, but more forward demand money for expenses of papers or other alleged offering of shipping etc, they sent a few addresses electronic banks possible or potential lawyers who by logic reason are false and that supposedly you are to release or will communicate with them either to direct phone numbers or email, ahunque it more correctly say you, that by email, since you don’t speak or understand English, ahunque you prompted to communicate with her or the by the messenger never do, because logically that already are scammers. Eye this is totally a hoax to remove a few weights a lot of people who believe in these credible scams, but they are simply scammers of the network and which are almost never indectetables, why is that it is almost impossible to put an end to this type of deception. Litecoins opinions are not widely known. Copy this document and distribuyalo in the network and friends. Sincerely the Fox original author and source of the article.

May 23 2016

Secretariat Executive

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Carlos Mora Vanegas the Executive Secretaries play a very relevant role in pro of the collaboration that the Manager carries out its tasks in the most efficient manner that ensures the performance expected for development, the company’s success. For this purpose it is necessary to have a Secretary who in addition to his administrative responsibilities, skills, skills in the exercise of its function have a high reliability with regard to its attitudinal competencies, which been neglected much and they need to be given the necessary care to ensure an excellent role in the modern Executive. Cannot be ignored, that the present shows great economic, trade changes in current scenarios where they operate companies in pro have a proactive participation, which guarantees not only with Gadir of markets, but permanence. All this makes more involving modern enterprise in what should be its resource suitable to guarantee a good performance, productivity and human course, one of the major actors is the Secretariat Executive who should be a good guarantee of aid, cooperation towards the performance of the management. The commitment, involvement of modern management are forcing reesctrucutrar profile of the Executive Secretariat and where when hiring, should be taken into account competences, but especially the attitudinal, and other aspects allowing to select the ideal performance of the charge, in scenarios that are characterised by: the significant importance of knowledge, not only in the field of economicwhere the vitality of productive systems and international competitiveness increasingly rely on technological innovations and concomitant knowledge – but also in all the other socio-cultural areas, leading to consider today’s society as the society of knowledge (Garcia, 1996). The role of communications, the new openness that has generated Internet, computing involved namely delicacy its basic fundamentals that give passage to the handling of tools that facilitate communications and other operations of Office more easily demands that economic and trade systems today require enterprises to be competitive and the way of how to collaborate with management in pro facilitate their performance. If you would like to know more about Philip Vasan, then click here.

Jul 10 2013

Forbes Wealth

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This false premise has maintained and continues to maintain in poverty, lack, limitation and shortages to millions of people around the world. Wealth is available for anyone committed and decided to claim that universal right corresponds. Claim it now. It is not divide the pie and believe that some take everything and leave only some leftovers to the majority. Just look at what the people who create the wealth.

Most believe they take all the wealth for himself, and that his duty would be distributed equally among the population. Admittedly, some of these people have created wealth at the expense of the exploitation and deceiving others. If you read the article the seeds of success you know that any act has repercussions, now or later and the wealth they created will be temporary. Who I am talking about here is people who have managed to manifest wealth by decision and personal commitment, for own work. In many cases they started from scratch.

Several of them came from environments of deficiency, hostile or bit privileged, which demonstrates that it is not prerequisite to birth surrounded by wealth to become prosperous and rich. Think for example of Carlos Slim, the richest man in the world again according to Forbes magazine. Certainly Mr. Slim comes from a family of immigrants who came to Mexico without great riches and that were gradually paving way in business. Starting with a haberdashery and toy store managed intelligently leverage their businesses, reinvesting and expanding more and more until you reach the billionaires emporiums that you and I know. The wealth creation is not work of chance, if you’re lucky to receive a portion of it, or for your studies and your work. Wealth is the result of your creation, from who-are-you in reality and to act to ensure its reception. Wealth is available and waiting to be created, Yes! Is just waiting to tell you that if you want it for you and you commit to receive it through your commitment and your actions. It is of vital importance that you act intelligently to ensure receipt of wealth. Your proper thinking, more your goal, more your knowledge of who-are-you in reality and your particular action is what you want to manifest wealth, as simple as that. You can begin to take the steps necessary to create and receive it because it comes from an unlimited flow now. You can apply the secrets of the creation of wealth. It all starts with a small action, you only have to say Yes. While most think more you retardas its creation and its reception.