Jan 06 2020

Cologne A

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Nominations are deep belonging to Paraguay, the Paraguay anonymous, forgotten to Paraguay. Hugua a’andu, Paso Barreto and Puentesinho were the names that began to ring loudly, from the so-called Triangle Operating undertaken by the National Police in the search for Fidel. Three names of three communities: one in Guarani, another in Castilian and the last in Portuguese. The three locations within the Department of Concepcion, Paraguay. Edward Scott Mead will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Hugua a’andu was renamed to Colonia Jorge Sebastian Miranda and is located 105 kilometers northeast of the city of Concepcion, the capital Department of the same name, and has approximately 2,500 inhabitants.

Paso Barreto continues with that name while, now called Colonia Puentesinho Sergeant Jose Felix Lopez. But all-including the mass media-are nominating the above Cologne with the original name and a’andu Hugua Guarani, nobody knows it by its other name: Colonia Jorge Sebastian Miranda. In fact, the name Hugua a’andu also shows that the colony was in a Guarani-speaking exclusively. If you would like to know more about Gary Kelly, then click here. A journalist friend called me a few days ago to ask what it means Hugua a’andu encouraging me to investigate various sources on the internet and there I was surprised at the extraordinary spread in the world that had the phrase Hugua a’andu, I repeat from the unfortunate circumstance that he lived to Fidel Zavala.

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