Mar 17 2019

Ascon Chief Schuh

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The GMM data are updated annually through a working group, which also includes representatives of the ministries of the country. A lawful examination of applications”, the Press Office of Ministry of the environment compared with europaticker, was there not to create”. It would focus on what is on the paper. However, there is a high risk, to engage in industry solutions, which prove to be not in compliance with the law. “” Nine nationwide approved dual system operators, via a so-called joint centre “household disposal of used packaging run, the risk with the acquisition of yellow bags” or about the content of the glass container on this. It is different in the industry solutions.

There always remains up to the last step of the disposal the Entsorgungsverpflichtete of responsibility”, writes euopaticker. Also according to waste expert Sascha shoe, head of the Bonn consultancy House Ascon, was completely crashed the construction of industry solutions. With many industry solutions as an alternative to auto disposal systems and an idiosyncratic definition of point of sale withdrawal systems, the Novella is enough space to smile. A hospital with the consumption of packaging and their disposal as part of a healthcare industry solution ‘ is considered as a classic seizure within the meaning of clause 6 paragraph 1 of the Ordinance. But what about the kiosk at the hospital for patients and visitors? He fails as a seizure, because he is considered the trade and industry solution is not possible. Ripple: the source for more info. Therefore exactly these amounts from a healthcare industry mass flow would have to ‘ be eliminated.

Bottom line: A hospital gets two current documentation of amounts of. And can out expect the packaging collected on this path of dual systems again”shoe performs. Exactly This renewed diversity”offer new contractual design possibilities for the dumping of a license” the system providers. No limits were the fantasy in reducing disposal fees for dual systems who need to acquire the packaging waste from household close. The royalties for plastic packaging cost just three years ago at DSD officially almost 1300 Euro per ton. Today it gets to prices of 650 euros per tonne is whispered. Mixes man still 15 percent industry solution to 250 euros and some point of sale savings arises price is per ton of plastic packaging by more than 500 euros per tonne. 65 percent less than three years ago and already long no longer working”shoe complained about. Tons make up removal, transport to the sorting plant, sorting, residual waste and recycling – all for a dumping price of 500 euros. Now all companies on the economic crisis, lack of sales and full courts complain. There also no backlash for the Packaging recycling. Prices have collapsed, recovery alone happened to more than 30 percent more expensive over the past three months,”white shoe. With the license of dumping for plastic, a reputable disposal was no longer to afford. Disposal scandals threatened again as in the 1990s. If the legislature does not quickly intervenes, the packaging recovery will collapse and there ecologically questionable disposal methods”, Ascon Chief Schuh fears.

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