Jul 17 2019

Workshop Profession

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A ‘ intercultural training’ design of Gottingen, 10.02.2010 who even offers seminars in the intercultural field or plant this and a concrete concept of training needed, knows the problems and questions which arise in a such implementation from theory into practice: how to convey dry content effectively and alive? How to build up the daily schedule? What exercises are suitable and where can I find them? IKUD offers a new workshop seminars in June 2010, in which these questions are clarified. The workshop concept creation for an intercultural training “has been developed due to many requests, as also to people who have had experience and knowledge in the intercultural field, implementation challenges in everyday working life again. A didactic implementation of intercultural content needs to be learned. Therefore focuses on the design of an own concept is in the workshop on the topic of intercultural communication”set. Together with the experienced trainer shall be a coarse and detailed planning concrete event. The feedback of the other participants serve as a valuable resource for feedback to their personal development. The constructivist approach and the inspiring atmosphere in which participants of the seminars and the training at IKUD seminars know contribute to the outspoken workshop nature of the event.

The systematic structure of an event in relation to the transfer of knowledge and skills will be developed as well as the Didactization of the selected course material. In addition, appropriate curriculum examples, exercises, and games are presented and discussed. In short: participants will learn, as they for example implement their existing knowledge – the iceberg model of culture practically in the seminar. An exercise generates and analyzes the structure of a lecture. So, a teaching block can be developed, which teachers and learners fun and brings optimal, sustainable learning gain. The workshop will take place from 8-9 June 2010 in village Eriskirch on Lake Constance. As for all Training at IKUD seminars applies also here: with the Education Award, eligible get a price reduced by 50% (500 maximum amount). a cross-cultural training…

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