Jul 08 2019

With Security In The Job

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WSB Kiel offers training for guards and security forces with IHK competence test ( 34a GewO) in the summer of 2010 at Kiel 07.06.2010. The security industry is booming: in fact the number of jobs has doubled in the last ten years. And so are the job opportunities for trained security forces. To know more about this subject visit Verizon Communications. Therefore, the WBS TRAINING AG in Kiel offers continuing education for security and safety officer, start: June 28. Participants can look forward to an exciting time, in which they optimally and comprehensively prepared on the future tasks. The IHK competence test according to section 34a of the GewO is an important part within the training”, explains Christine will Winterstein, officer for vocational training of the WBS Kiel.

But proof of the Chamber of Commerce is not enough testing alone potential employers of the security industry generally.” Therefore the site convey also skills that go beyond the simple security, such as in the area of person conditional supervision services, activities in emergency and operational centres, in courier services, goods and value transport security, border security and airport control, so the next speaker. “The WBS Kiel relies on experienced instructors from practice: trainers must bring wealth of experience and industry knowledge, in three months can make really fit for the demands of the security companies participants”, says Christine will Winterstein. The features of WBS TRAINING AG can be funded through the Federal Agency for work or cooperation with the education voucher. The employees of the WBS Kiel advise interested. Contact: Christine will Winterstein, telephone 0431-200 15 83,. The Internet under Kiel informed about the whole range of WBS Kiel.

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