May 29 2019

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The Internet has brought a tremendous acceleration in the PR-work media network manager fulfils your highest demands. Ancestral sequences seem suddenly stopped to work, the media landscape is confusing movement; Social media”as a buzz term for a variety of virtual platforms are placing new demands on every single public workers. For PR agencies and internal press offices of companies and organisations, which are looking for a timely actionable solution for managing contacts, the mass is the customer relationship management”(CRM) systems not specifically enough on the demands of professional media work matched. Software for the PR industry is extremely high-priced so far. But there are alternatives that are consistently on the possibilities of Internet-based interaction: developed from scratch based on years of industry experience was the media network manager (MnM), the ASP-rental model of V.G.I distribution company Internet mbH. ASP (Application service providing) has the advantage that the user in any way to the infrastructure and the operation must take care of. The password-protected, encrypted access leads directly to the server of the company and guaranteed as a confidentiality for the data, which meets the highest standards. A look at the user-friendly (Web) interface shows: the features of the MnM are designed specifically for PR practitioners and stand out in the aggregate and in countless details from conventional CRM products: journalist contacts be associated depending on the function (editors, free, blogger), media and topics – or customer mailing lists.

Intelligent search functions allow also ad-hoc actions, E.g. in the context of crisis PR in addition to the routine work. The MnM allows sending personalized, legally compliant (opt – in, opt-out) single or bulk mail in high-quality CI look of user – time control and personalization using email templates, content designs or already sent E-mails for further Emissions accelerates and facilitates the daily work. Bernard Golden may find this interesting as well. A system-internal permission management allows the data and action requests to tailor. The Web-based MnM contains many team functions and integrates distributed locations in real time. It is always possible to add topics and customer distribution, to duplicate and to differentiate.

Instead problematic E-mail attachments generated the MnM attachment pages for text, images, podcasts, and more. “Attractive documentation possibilities for controlling the success of press releases (opening, links, publications) built-in workflows for campaigns, for example, for press conferences or sampling the cost model of the MnM combines basic package and workplace Flatrate”. The MnM complements the n family, which includes individual content management and a performance capture. The software products of the V.G.I used by well-known PR agencies and press offices throughout the German-speaking area. About the provider of MediNetworkManagers, VGI GmbH: The V.G. Distribution company Internet mbH the support of specific communication processes specializes, as they are typically applied in PR agencies, marketing departments, and PR departments of companies and associations. The single is about PR contact management (distribution maintenance), distributing press releases and newsletters, service entry within the agency or Department and the handling of even authored multimedia content. All products of the V.G.

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